The Social Video-Infographics

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    Shane Russo

    • April 23, 2014

    The Social Video-Infographics

As a writer, you thrive on the written word. But when it comes to marketing your words, video can put you above the rest.

Video has steadily become the go-to way to increase exposure for any type of content. It’s a way to deliver information and entertain at the same time, making it great for marketing.

But video is especially great for book marketing. Since book sales rely on human connection, video just makes sense. It’s a way to show your audience who you are, tell them a little about you and about your book. It gives you the opportunity to talk to your readers and connect with them.

Video also has the advantage of driving traffic back to your author website. An entertaining video can grab viewers’ attention, pique their interest and lead them back to your site, eventually turning them into loyal readers.

There are several video platforms that are great for writers. Among them are YouTube, Vimeo, Google Plus Hangouts, Instagram and Vine. Each has its own specific attributes, and any one of them could really up your book marketing game. The above infographic, provided by, provides more information on each of these platforms, and what you need to do to get started on them.

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