World’s largest manufacturer of ophthalmic lenses wanted a mobile app

The app was not for the public. It was for their distributors in India region

This app was to solve their primary problem of order management, a process which included a lot of manual intervention

The solution was to completely avoid human intervention in order management process

Objective - Project Description

  • The brand is one of the largest manufacturers of ophthalmic lenses and equipments. Their India division wanted a mobile app, to be used by their manufacturing team and distributor network to streamline their order processing.

  • The idea was to reduce the time and effort involved in the process of a distributor placing and order to the fulfilment of the order.

  • The whole process of order management was to be done thru the app, thus reducing human intervention to the minimum.

  • The app was to have checks and measures at each level to fight redundancy or delays, thus increasing the efficiency and reducing the time taken for order fulfilment.

Essilor Dashboard

Approach - Make something awesome, build on top of the existing system

The cannot-be-named-due-to-NDA app, now used by all of their Distributor network, is a single stop solution for them to see the status of each order.

The app was integrated to multiple APIs from existing Internal Systems of the European company, making the process truly democratic, giving access to up-to-date statuses on each order for everyone in the loop.

The solution reduced the post-order effort of the distributor drastically, and was accepted widely by the end users.

The reception was so enthusiastic that the brand’s BUs in Japan and US are also looking at the app as a possible addition to their process.

Digitization & Technology

  • android development

    Android & iOS Development

  • api integration

    API Integration

The Results

93% Distributors

Who currently use the system

2 Bus

Where the app is planned to be launched

95% Orders

Placed through the app