The green giant wanted to revamp the way their global customer portal looked.

Global was not just a word, both the companies put together had presence in more than 50 countries worldwide and their products were sold in almost 150 countries.

So the UX had to be universal with a capital U. And top notch.

They also wanted to make a Customer First mobile app, to streamline customer care and ease of customer interaction.

Objective - Project Description

  • Our client, the french conglomerate is one of the largest global player in Industrial Automation, and had just acquired the English competitor who was a near monopoly in automation systems in nuclear power generation plants.

  • The project was to create a user experience of their Global Customer Service(GCS) Portal thoroughly modern. And build a mobile app, to ensure better user feedback and relationship handling.

  • With a market share of 95% in the industries they were in, the Global Customer Service (GCS) Portal was the de facto interface for the nuclear power generation plants across the globe.

  • So our task was to take the whole GCS portal and rework on the user experience to make it top notch, and improve productivity of the personnel with intuitive controls. And build a mobile app that will act as the primary interface between the company and its end users.

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Approach - Improving productivity, all across the globe

We came up with 2 solutions. 1. A complete revamp of the existing GCS Portal for industrial automation. 2. Customer First- a unique mobile app that served as a Knowledge Hub, Customer Interaction Forum, Training Kit and a CRM Tool.

The solutions we built were then implemented on top of the existing infra and architecture of the Global Software Platform thru custom built APIs on top of the enterprise systems.

The UX revamp for the GCS Portal ensured users could complete tasks much faster than earlier. This increased productivity of the personnel, which wa lauded by all the major customers.

The mobile app became the first point of contact, reducing the load on customer care team drastically.

Digitization & Technology

  • android development

    Mobile App Development- iOS and Android

  • Web Portal

    Web Portal Development

  • Devops

    Integration with current enterprise systems with APIs

The Results

17% Time Saved

For completion of the main user task on GCS Portal.

89% Customer Satisfaction

Index for the Customer First App (User survey result).