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Crypto-currency, Bitcoin, distributed ledgers, block mining, nonce, zero-fee online transactions- Blockchain is changing the computing world, for better.

ICOs are a great way for startups to raise initial capital for their crypto based business opportunity. It has all the benefits of blockchain technology embedded into it; its decentralised, borderless, trustless and is quick.

There are tales of fortunes made and dreamed to be made.

Jay Clayton, Chairman, SEC
The capital raised thru the ICO or the Token Generation Event is further used for kickstarting the business, as per the routemap defined in the white paper. A whitepaper is a detailed project details of the business opportunity and fund requirements of the crypto business opportunity. The public who invest in the ICOs get their tokens and returns as per the business returns of the business, thru the value appreciation of the tokens/coins generated during the ICO.
We at appiness is at the forefront of ICO consulting, development and promotions, with multiple ICOs executed already. Our expertise spans across the complete spectrum of a blockchain product development thru ICO route, from planning an ICO to running and promoting it, until the development of the Blockchain product.

Initial Coin Offerings- Salient Features

ICO/TGE Service Packages

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Side Top

Crypto/Blockchain Product Consulting Services

Business Consulting

Crypto Consulting

Technology Consulting

Legal/Compliances Consulting

Security Consulting

Detailed BRD Development


ICO Token Generation Event Package

White paper Development

Smart Contracts Development

ICO Token Generation Event and Distribution System- ERC20

ICO Landing Page/Website

Explainer Video Creation - as per client script

Referral/Bounty Programs


CO Launch/Marketing Package


Digital Marketing thru Ad exchanges


Google Display Ads

Yahoo Display

Bing Ads

Premium Network Ads


Blockchain Media Interaction

Blogger Engagement ( 5 languages)

Articles on Related Media( 50 Articles)

Feature Story Development with multiple angles

DMLA- Daily Media Landscape Analysis

Exchange Listing
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