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A lean UX Workshop by Appiness

Great products come with a great User Experience (UX). Great UX is never accidental. It needs clear direction, conscious planning, and efficient execution. And we are here to tell you how to create a great product with pleasurable UX.
We love creating great products with great UX. Appiness has been engaged in creating some great experiences since its inception. We have learned it the hard way. We don’t want you to make the same mistakes we did and waste your effort, money, and time. We are here to help the ecosystem, by helping you to create a Minimum Loveable Prototype for your ideas, in less than a week.
Take it to your prospective customers, test it, iterate it and then build it. For that, you need a well-thought-through, functional, and usable prototype.
Sometimes you will see the most impractical ideas taking off and sometimes you will see the most practical idea failing. It’s better to fail early and realize if it’s worth the effort than spending years building something which won’t see the light of day.
Yes, we are open to sharing the methodologies we follow at Appiness, to help you build amazing products.
  • Who should attend?

    If you are building or planning to build a Mobile or Web App, then this workshop is for you. We are calling all Founders, CXOs, Designers, UX Experts, Sales Managers, Marketing Managers and anybody with an interest in building great products.

Interested? Individuals/ Startups/ Corporates?