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Objective of the Workshop

Provide overall introduction to Blockchain technology and its application in real world organisations. A hands on workshop for top management of an organisation on how Blockchain, the technology of decentralized and transactional sharing of data across a large network of untrusted participants can be implemented in their organisation.

Who Should Attend?

Blockchain is the biggest opportunity and the biggest single question mark for today’s decision makers. It is unanimously acknowledged that the biggest disruptor in the near future is going to be a technology called Blockchain. Everybody seems to be talking about it, but nobody seems to know what to do with it. We worked with multiple clients only to discover that most of the organisations are yet to figure out the use cases they can effectively implement in their organisations. Blockchain is NOT a one-size-fits-all product you can buy off the shelf and implement in your organisation.
That is when we conceptualised a hands on Blockchain Innovation Workshop, to work closely with the organisations and devise practical and effective Blockchain based solutions which can be implemented in a specific organisation. This workshop will run you through the basics of Blockchain and its applications, and the potential opportunities in your organisation where Blockchain can add value.
Workshop Agenda

Workshop Agenda

  1. Fundamentals of Blockchain

    Overview introduction to Blockchain, Hyperledger & Cryptocurrencies

  2. Blockchain successful Projects

    Use Cases and examples from real world, from government systems to Banking and from social causes to security.

  3. Collaboration: Turning Future Tech Into Tech Now

    How to use the potential of Blockchain to transform the way businesses operate, the same way internet, data sharing and shared economy changed industries.

  4. Today and tomorrow's applications of blockchain technologies

    How can blockchain impact our daily lives? A general overview of the different uses that have been made (or will be made) of blockchain technologies, with regard to different industries.

  5. The Future of Decentralization The Internet, blockchains, decentralization.

    What kind of society are we moving towards? What are the new principles that will govern it?

  6. Legal framework for blockchain technologies, Adapting the Regulatory Framework to Blockchain Technology

    What are the legal and regulatory implications of blockchain technologies? How can you ensure your transformation into blockchain or the new product which can be o blockchain can be within the existing and possible future legal frameworks?

  7. Alternative Economies and Reputation-Based Systems

    Exploring the blockchain as a means to expand the traditional concept of money and value. What is the impact of crypto-currencies on traditional measurements of economic value?

  8. Blockchain for Re-inventing your Organisation

    Blockchain technologies can be used to improve existing organisational structures, as well as to enable the emergence of new forms of organisations which are more horizontal. How can you use it for your organisation?

  9. Can you use Blockchain to re-engineer your business or product?

    Only from your organisations point of view. Are they viable, legal and scalable?

  10. Blockchain-Enabled Platforms, Blockchain adoption- Institution perspective

    Blockchain-Enabled Platforms, Blockchain adoption- Institution perspective What are the needs of your organisation, that possibly be met by adopting Blockchain as a platform? How should you go ahead with that?

  11. The Blue Print

    A rough blue print on how YOU can adopt, implement and run your organisation’s Blockchain based systems- Technical Audit to Product Ideation to Legal structure.


An in depth understanding of Blockchain technology
A deep learning on what are the opportunities in your organisation that can be tamed with Blockchain
A basic blueprint of your Blockchain roadmap

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