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January 09, 2023

Max Out On Content By Repurposing!

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Posted by:
Pinky Choudhary

Instead of constantly coming up with new content ideas, consider the existing ones in repurposing social media content with top-performing blog posts, videos, reports, etc.

Did you know your live videos can be turned into a month’s worth of high-value content?

You can create snackable content by leveraging every meaty piece of content you have made by converting them into quotes, anecdotes, short snippet videos, blogs, and more.

quality content for seo

Besides the obvious allure of recycling, there are many strategic benefits such as reinforcing the brand’s messaging, giving content an SEO boost, and reaching audiences who missed it in the first round of promotion.

These bite-sized content pieces are easy to consume while browsing through social media and help foster engagement and create brand awareness.

Additionally, you can include CTAs that redirect your audience to the original source which in turn can increase its traffic.

Some effective ways to repurpose content are:

1. Posting Twitter threads of blogs

2. Cross-posting your Livestream videos across different platforms

3. Turning a portion of the video into a GIF to accompany a pull quote

4. Turn a webinar into a video

reuse of content

Now, let’s dive into the principles of COPE (create once, publish everywhere) and COTD (create once, tailor distribution)

COPE is when you create a piece of content and publish it across different social media platforms using the same caption & hashtags. Simple, right?

But here’s the catch!

In the current times, we cannot rely on this anymore as people have become finely attuned to how things fit on different platforms.

For instance, Facebook is for your friends, LinkedIn is for work, Instagram and Pinterest is for visual inspiration, etc.

Therefore, you can no longer make the cut with COPE. So it’s time you move away from it and try COTD instead.

Following COTD ensures each piece of content is perfectly aligned with every channel and helps you stay competitive in a crowded market.

When it comes to repurposing content on social media platforms, here’s what you need to keep in mind! With a little creative reformatting and thoughtful placement, you can make the most of all of your brand’s greatest content and reduce the workload of content generation. Also, You can always look for any content marketing company in bangalore that provides professional assistance and services on the subject matter.

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