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November 28, 2022

Meme Marketing: Why Should You Take Memes Seriously?

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Vinay B Y

meme marketing


The hieroglyphs of the internet are memes. They appear to be just amusing pictures at first. But they allow people to convey a wide range of emotions. Additionally, they are relatable and shareable.


So what are memes?


Richard Dawkins first used the term "meme" in 1976 when he said that ideas might spread and multiply in popular culture similar to how genes do.  A meme is a phrase, a joke, or even a GIF or video that typically comes from pop culture, such as a TV show or a movie. Here’s a meme that I assume everyone can relate to:



What is Meme Marketing?



Meme marketing is a way of using memes to advertise your brand. It allows you to interact with your readers and is a fun method to connect with your audience or followers. Meme marketing is a way of using memes to advertise your brand. It allows you to interact with your readers and is a fun method to connect with your audience or followers.Memes invokes a sense of feeling and emotion among the audience making it an example of Emotional Design.


Benefits of Meme Marketing


Memes Are Inexpensive Content

Memes are simple to make and don't always need to be original. With existing content, digital marketers may save a lot more time and engage their consumers and followers. An analogy from a popular TV show or film increases the likelihood that a meme will become viral. In the case of memes, one doesn't need to care too much about resolution or design.


Memes Are Engaging

Online users are said to spend 145 minutes a day on social media. These individuals are there to laugh, watch cat videos, and take their minds off everything that’s bothering them in real. 77% of users follow your pages on social media to use coupons and discounts. Memes are an excellent approach to connecting with customers who might not be familiar with your business because there are only so many promotional codes you can post to spur engagement.


Appeal to Younger Audiences

Memes are essential if you want to engage younger individuals on social media. A study by YPulse found that 38% of young adults follow meme accounts on social media and that over 55% of consumers between the ages of 13 and 35 send memes on a weekly basis.


Memes Can Help You Go Viral

What is the pinnacle of online marketing? Going Viral!!!!!  A marketer fantasises about producing content that will spread from screen to screen like wildfire. However, achieving this ambition with standard promotional posts on social media is difficult. Once again, using memes in your marketing gives you the best chance to achieve this. The "Most Interesting Man in the World" advertisement for Dos Equis beer is one of the best examples of viral marketing. The commercial, which featured an elderly man with a beard and an absurd narration, was picked up by the internet and turned into one of the most well-known memes ever.


use of memes in social media post social media meme trend


Make The Most of The Latest Trends

Memes are typically closely related to current events or trends, which is another way they could improve the image of your brand. Some memes are so well-liked that they have their own trending topics. Your brand will appear more genuine, contemporary, and globally aware. Your brand will come out as more approachable, friendly, and welcoming if you follow the most recent trends, share your ideas on them, or even put a humorous perspective on them using memes. This is an excellent strategy to boost engagement on your social media accounts.


Brands That Utilized Meme Marketing






A professor instructing a CA class made the internet go crazy with one of the oddest viral videos ever. When the founder of Ednovate, an online tutoring centre for the CA exams, Dhawal Purohit was teaching his students, one of his students responded in humour when the professor inquired about the meaning of the word "quarter," which caused a few laughs.


— AvdhootD (@AvdhootD22) October 3, 2021

He was then recruited by CoinDCX, a cryptocurrency exchange, for an advertisement that went viral as well!


A post shared by CoinDCX (@coindcxofficial)

Fi Money



Netflix India



Tinder India




Over time, marketing has undergone significant changes. Brands must now be relatable as well as promotional in order to succeed. Even while your goal is to offer people your goods or services, you still need to establish a sincere connection with them.

Comedy is a fantastic method to spark dialogue, build relationships, and eventually promote whatever it is that you're giving. Meme marketing is a more subtle and indirect form of advertising. Prior to starting, you must learn about your audience and ascertain their sense of humour. Not all of your creations will succeed right away, but that's okay. Keep in mind to refrain from producing offensive content.

Additionally, you don't want to come across as needy for clicks. It's also important to be up on current events and pop culture. Make a timely meme, keep up with trends, and avoid being overly commercial. The meme should be relatable to people, and most importantly, it should actually be humorous. Who knows? Perhaps you can build a solid brand identity one meme at a time. The possibilities are endless.


Get the most out of ‘Meme Marketing’ to up your advertising game. Contact Appiness Interactive,a Social Media Marketing Agency,to promote your product/services on social media platforms creatively. Our team of talented social media executives will brainstorm unique creatives doused in pop-culture references so that you achieve your marketing goals through an established network.



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