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August 13, 2015

Spreading Appiness - Let me welcome the new Co-Founders of Appiness.

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Posted by:
Visakh Viswambharan

More than anyone else, they deserve to be there. Let me introduce our new co-founders, Shab Majeed and Rigin Velayudhan.

Shabeer has been with us since inception. He was a little kid, who was oozing out creativity; when he took charge as a Designer-A tiny little wizard with a magical touch.

His first project went on to win an International Award and he never looked back ever since. He kept adding a lot more to his kitty. He gave a new perspective to the designs we churned out. He set a different benchmark and everyone in the team tried outdoing that. That took our standards up by miles. Today he heads the entire UID team of Appiness. Remember, all these and more at the age of just 24.

Did I say that he was the first to join appiness? Many faces came and gone, this wonderboy is still with us; rejecting many eye-popping offers. He believes in Appiness just as much as we do. He understands our Plan A, Plan B and so on till Plan Z. More than anything else he understands our crazy side. This role is an overdue for him. But we were waiting for him to get to a level of maturity. And we believe that he is ready to handle the role now.

My relationship with Rigin started from my SiliconIndia days (My former employer). He has been amazing since then. He is the synonym of ownership. You talk about Design, Coding or Marketing; our man will never run out of solutions and ideas. More than anyone else, he knows what’s happening at appiness. Be it for the clients or the appy team, he is the first and the last resort for everything. When there is a chaos, everyone just turns to this gentleman for a solution. And he never fails to find a way through it.

He understands the DNA of the company and the way we think. He knows what our vision is and he believes in it completely. He can make decisions; he is well versed with the business we are in; he is everybody’s dear one in the appy team. Rigin stepped up and managed the entire show, when Sunil and I were out of country for the past few days. This really gave us the confidence to give him a larger role at Appiness.

We are honoured to bring these two gentlemen on board as Co-Founders and this sure will help us grow a lot more. We think they deserve to be there more than anyone else. Their contribution to the organization has been commendable. We wouldn’t have been here today without them.

This again proves our ideology of promoting our own guys from the existing team. This will give the team an extra confidence and belief in us. This will push others also to go the extra mile.

We are really excited about the whole thing. This will give us a lot of time and space to think about the products and platforms which we are currently venturing into. We are doing pretty well, but we want to continue innovating and really don’t want to remain in the comfort zone. Its time we go to the next level.

SincerelyVisakh ViswambharanFounder & CEOAppiness Interactive Pvt. Ltd.

Few pics from their journey so far

co-founders 13

co-founders 1

co-founders 9

co-founders 14

co-founders 18

co-founders 17

co-founders 6

co-founders 16

co-founders 2

co-founders 5

co-founders 15

co-founders 12

co-founders 4

co-founders 8

co-founders 3

co-founders 10

co-founders 7

co-founders 19

co-founders 11

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