Fizz! was an idea of a student back from the UK

You could get a discount for students by just flashing your ID card

This was awesome incentie for loyalty. Why not do it in India?

Thus Fizz! was born. A Loyalty app, with no need of pre-purchase

Objective- Project Description

  • Fizz! reached out to us for ideating the product and UX consulting

  • The app was to be launched in India. The UX was to be custom built with Indian consumers in mind

  • The primary catch was supposed to be the ease with which one can avail the discounts. Easier than flashing your college Id card.

  • And to make the process simple, integrate features such as splitting the bill and pay by cash, without making the process too cumbersome.

Approach- Users, Experience, Ease, Desi

The UX workshop we had was very extensive. And we went and met restaurateurs with the founder to understand what they want.

The user research told us a different story. The problem was not the lack of apps, but the pain associated.

The resultant app was built with that in mind. To make something super simple and intuitive to use. And add features that Indian users would love. (also read “cash payments”).

Discounts were in, loyalty plans were in, cash payments were in, bill splitting was in; all in one smooth flow.

Digitization & Technology

  • UX/ Customer Journey Map workshop

  • UX Consulting- Mobile

  • UI Design- Android and iOS