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In 1972, the first online transaction happened between students of Stanford University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology using the predecessor or internet, called the ARPANET. The product that changed hands: Cannabis.

Since then online transactions or e-commerce has never looked back. It took more than 20 years for the first commercial transaction to happen. Today, the world is on the brink of an online shopping revolution.

Reasons Why You Should Revamp Your E-commerce Website:

It Will Revamp Your Brand Perception:

A website is the accumulation of functionality, user experience, and design. As the website is the front of any brand, it is only expected to look and operate in a better way. Your website needs to portray the brand image positively and convey a message that not only determines the stand of your brand but also modifies the perception. With brand perception comes consumer trust which solidifies the point of having a clean website that promotes a succinct user journey through the whole website.

Modifies the User Experience:

Visitors visit the website to get the answers to questions they have been trying to find for a long time. If your visitors cannot find the answers they are looking for in time, what is the point of having a website? By improving the user experience, not only will you reduce the bounce rate but also increase the retention of the website. Aspects such as signposting key content, creating intuitive navigational structures, or delivering the visitors a clear call-to-action can lead to improving the UX.

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Increases the conversion rate:

Another benefit of the website revamp is that it will open opportunities to review as well as improve the sales that are in sync with the digital marketing strategy. This will not only form a part of your UX but will showcase the areas where customers tend to drop off. Therefore, redesigning will offer you the chance to work on the place that needs work.

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Enhances the SEO:

You can have one of the most significantly designed websites but not rank at all if it is not SEO-optimised. If the blog is optimised well, you can rank your website. Search engine optimisation is a continuous process that requires incremental steps to meet the business goals you have set. An optimised website translates to compressed images, a fast website, HTTP references, and reduced render blocking scripts, among others.

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Ability To improve functionality:

Redesigning the website will give you the chance to properly review the current functionality. Technology and trends are dynamic and keep changing constantly. Your e-commerce website might require adjustment which can be done after a faster checkout process.

Ability to secure the website better:

Proper security includes SEO in a way that utilises HTTPS using the SSL certification. The incorporation of the certificate encrypts the data it processes keeping your personal information safe. Our developers will keep the core of the website up to date to eradicate the risk of malicious attacks.

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Appiness has the expertise to provide creative, functional, and technical solutions for new-age e-commerce solutions. For today’s online shopper, e-commerce is exactly that- SHOPPING. The same thing people have been using as a therapy since forever. It's just that today, you can feed that addiction in the comfort of your home. And it is a market that’s worth billions every year.