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June 22, 2022


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Posted by:
Aishwarya Dutta

What does it take to remain ageless and classic in the ever-changing and dynamic entertainment industry? Well, one should learn from these pioneers - Disney and Japanese Anime.

They have different models and stark differences in their operations. However, one common thing is that they have left no stone unturned to better their products in terms of content, design, visuals and concept. Perhaps that’s the reason why they enjoy such a large, loyal viewership, and their audience is not defined by any specific demographic or age group.

disney animation in design animation in designing

Let’s delve deeper into their visual aesthetics to understand what makes them stand out and differentiate from one another:

  1. The primal distinctive factor lies in the optical detailing of characters. 

Anime generally has more of a complex approach as a whole. Disney assigns very simple outlines to their characters’ features. When it comes to eyes, they usually assign their characters uncomplicated white circles with black dots inside them, whereas Anime characters have more intricate detailing, from pentagram or a clock in an eye to complex color gradients, shadows and lighting. If one looks closely at Anime characters, one can find more than 6 colors in the eye itself. The hair of the Disney characters has more easy styles and colors, whilst Anime characters have different shapes and combinations of lighter and darker shades. With shadow detailing on their faces, it adds depth to their hair.

  1. Disney characters’ wardrobe has pieces with definite colors with no shadow or wrinkling effect at work. 

The lack of these elements gives out a 2D look. Anime characters boast of attention-to-detail pieces, the designs which have a lot of lighting and shadow effects at play, thus giving out a photorealistic appeal to them. Disney clothes are on a simpler side, and Anime clothes are on the more ornamental side of the spectrum.

  1. When it comes to infrastructure, one can see the contrasting moods. 

Disney has a sober approach while Anime has a comprehensive attitude. Disney has scenes which are cartoonish whereas Anime has scenes which give out a feeling of animated reality. 

ux-design-service details in animation

  1. The visual details differ as the storylines and plot development differs. 

Disney majorly focuses on children and family-related content, and Anime undertakes various and wider themes which might or might not be suitable for consumption with family members. 

  1. Disney characters can be classified into black and white, on the other hand, Anime covers grey areas. 

The characterisation and plot set the mood and tones of the show, and subsequently the visuals. Disney characters are more idealistic and straightforward, whilst anime characters are more twisted and layered. 

Over the years, simplicity and nostalgia are what have got the audience glued to Disney, whereas different themes of Anime have got viewers tied to its shows. Both enjoy a large loyal base of viewers and satisfy their entertainment needs with their chosen content streams. The impeccable design of both these genres impact our society in its own ways, establishing their mark forever. 

Being one of the providers of the best UX Design Service in Bangalore, this data on the distinction and the audience that it caters to create a huge impact on how we, as a user interface design company, execute projects.

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