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June 30, 2022

Social Media in Web 3.0

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Posted by:
Abhishek Chettri

As crazy as it may seem but this is happening sometime in your near future.

social media importance in digital marketing digital advancements


It is hard to keep up with the number of digital adjustments that our world has gone through. We are constantly evolving maybe for the better or for the worse (read: iRobot). But nonetheless, today we talk about Web 3.0 technologies and what it brings to the table for social media. Although its plans were already laid out pre-Covid-era, the pandemic only helped boost and skyrocket it. 

Web 3.0 technologies

Web 3.0 has many benefits that are only known to hardened nerds and experts and not to everyday users. But, that’s what we’re there for, let’s tell you what we know about Web 3.0 technologies.


Anticipated to be the best iteration of the internet yet, Web3 is something that has already proven somewhat divisive, with some people loving the idea of a decentralized entity while others are a bit more skeptical. 

Web3 is an advancement of the older Web generations which were either read-only (Web 1.0) or read and write (Web 2.0) with almost zero privacy for the end-users. Although web 2.0 seemed perfect, it had some flops. One of the flops of web 2.0 was the perceived slowing down of the network because a large amount of data was shared at a time on the network. 

With so many developments in blockchain, Web 3.0 is built on a decentralized blockchain technology system (Web 3.0 blockchain) and will offer everything a decentralized system can offer. 


The Web3 dispensation would include:

1.Data Privacy?????

No involvement of third parties means that you keep what is yours and share what you want to. This feature also helps establish a much-debated rule of “free-speech” wherein individuals can voice their opinions without fear of being sanctioned.

2. “Please don’t open any messages from me, my account has been hacked”?

Say goodbye to the days when your accounts and various critical data are constantly compromised. All of your digital assets are built on the blockchain, which means complete privacy for you. At the same time, Web 3.0 will be offering the peer-to-peer feature allowing you to connect and network with people without an interception. 

3. Understand your users better????

Web 3.0 also has an effect on social media through its mining techniques. Web 3.0 is capable of analyzing posts, comments, likes, and so on from users. This will allow content to be suggested to users and provide a great user experience.

4. Access your data where you want and whenever you want it????

Web2 stores your data in centralized locations like Google, Amazon, etc but with the advent of Web3, your data is stored at decentralized hubs and can only be accessed by you. (The challenge of storing data on decentralized storage hubs is creating a power storage system, more on that later perhaps.

5. The future is NOW????

Web3 allows you to access 3D information (yep we will talk about the fun stuff now). Bring in 3D data to your social media, incorporate AR/VR technologies to interact with your audience, create virtual events, visit places, or even participate in live events from the comfort of your home.


Web3 has major disadvantages which can only be tackled by educating the general public about it. A significant drawback is a difficulty regulating the users since they have complete access to their content. 

It also has a large learning curve which can cause issues for the early adopters. What’s more? Companies completely set up on web2 might have a hard time transitioning into web3. For that to happen, they need the assistance of web 3.0 companies in India.

Finally, since web3 has a lot of rich data it can only operate on select devices and it may be expensive for a majority of the crowd.

the future of social media in web 3.0

Web 3.0 is coming and it is coming swinging hard. It has a promising future and while it is exciting, we must be mindful of its effects and how we can use it better. To ensure an accurate application, we must take the assistance of a blockchain developer in Bangalore

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