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March 22, 2019

Importance of Google Answer Box/ Featured Snippet in SEO

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Posted by:
Aathira K

Obtaining traffic from Google means to upkeep the Google features so that it would drive more traffic to your website. As a digital marketer, SEO expert, and Blogger, one must be aware of every new update of Google as it persistently changes its features.

While most of the SEO experts and digital marketers constantly work on optimizing their site with unique content, technical SEO and build backlinks in all possible ways through the internet to improve website traffic and rank their search results into Position 0, referred to as Google answer box or featured snippet.

Do you want more traffic? Well, as per ongoing buzz around the Featured Snippet, a box that appears on the top of Google's first page displays a brief answer which will lead the user to click for more information.

What is featured snippet?

When a user searches or asks a question to Google, the SERP (Search Engine Ranking Page) shows a brief description of the search result which is derived from a website that is linked to a respective webpage along with title and URL.

An example is as shown below:


How Featured Snippets on Google help improve SEO results?

As Google always trying to improve the search experience for users by launching new features and optimizing search results in such a way to answer user questions. The launch of featured snippet by Google has made SEO agencies to focus on being the first one to answer a user's question.

In general, featured snippets are the 0th position or top search result that will appear on Google when someone searches for a word or phrase. They are becoming an important part of SEO to optimize & drive massive traffic to the website and as a result, customers are able to find the business online with all the necessary information.

So, now we should understand the role of the featured snippet in SEO. Will they bring more traffic to our website and help improve search engine rank? Before that, let's get to know the 3 unique set of featured snippets:

Types of Featured Snippet:

1. Text snippet:

It's a snippet with text, and sometimes it will appear with pictures. Also, the greater part of the information is driven from Wikipedia for the content piece.

Below example shows Text snippet alone:


The example shows Text snippet with an image:


2. List & Table snippets

In list & table snippets, the search results are displayed in list or table form instead of text. Google will extract information from related websites and display the result in list format even if the content is not structured.


Table format:

The example for Table form snippet is as shown below:


Last but not the least we do have one more Featured snippet "Video Snippet".

3. Video Snippet:

From the term video, we can guess that video snippet is mostly the results of Youtube. Whenever we click on the video it will direct us to the respective website with video description on the subject.

The example for the video snippet is as shown below:


Advantages of Featured Snippets in Google SERP's:

1. Drive more traffic by refining search results.

2. Increase in brand awareness.

3. Boost credibility and more clicks.

4. Increases website authority.

5. Increase in Keyword ranking.

6. Higher conversion rate.

Google has not uncovered any particular formula to rank in a Featured Snippet but suppose on the off chance that you gain that 0th position, it may or may not be stable position as Google looks for quality content with relevant keywords. Along these lines, the least demanding approach to come into a Featured Snippet is to deliver the high quality & shareable content which attracts lots of natural links.

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Written By:

Aathira.K (SEO Executive)

Pallavi R (SEO Content Developer)

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