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March 08, 2019

You don't have to be born creative to be creative

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Posted by:
Vaishali Khatter

We always think that there are certain types of people who are born creative and there are others who are not made for creative fields. We have a mindset that everyone is born with only a certain amount of intelligence and a certain amount of talent.

The truth is we are all creative but we have to discover our creative self and believe that our innovation skills and capabilities are not set in stone and learning and growth are possible.

Remember, whenever you start something new, in your mind you always have two options, One mindset whispers in one ear: "We've never been good at anything creative, so why to embarrass ourselves now?" And the other mindset whispers in the other ear: "Effort is the path to mastery, so let's at least give this a try." The question is, which voice do you listen to?

Dweck, one of the lead researcher in the field of motivation once said, "A person's true potential is unknown; and it's impossible to foresee what can be accomplished with years of passion, toil, and training"


To get onboard on this creative mindset journey, the first step is to get out of your comfort zone and let go of this fear that the limits of your capabilities will be revealed to others and stop being afraid of the scariest snake which is the fear of failure or fear of being judged. As it is still the single biggest obstacle people face in creative success.

You somehow know that you are going to drop the ball, make mistakes, and go in the wrong direction. But you have to accept that it's a part of learning. That's how you will go ahead.

According to the research, People who have discovered their creative self and have gained the confidence make better choices, set off more easily in new directions, and are better able to find solutions to seemingly intractable problems with newfound courage.


You have to take that one step, which you can start by creating simpler things like laying a new garden or writing a journal or maybe starting a new website or writing a new piece of code and can label that idea 'an experiment', and let everyone know that you are just trying it out. It will lower others' expectations and can lead to your learning without any harm.

And once you will start this journey you will start to see new ways of improving on the status quo-from how you throw a dinner party to how you run a meeting, from how you manage your daily tasks to how you a give a presentation.

So, my friend, understand that creativity is far from requiring rare gifts and skills, it depends on what you believe you can do with the talents and skills you already have.

Now don't wait for the proverbial apple to fall on your head.

Go out in the world, proactively seek experiences, be courageous and discover your creative potential. Because you never know, this will give you a passport to many new adventures.


And once you have unveiled your Creative Self, you are all ready to make your own dent in the universe.

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