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January 25, 2019

Productivity in personal life

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Posted by:
Ajith Jagadish

When was the last time you lowered your face into your palm after realising you missed out something that was important? Rarely would you hear someone say it was couple of months ago. Isn't it?

Productivity in personal life could simply mean getting out of the bed on time, keeping your room clean and tidy, completing daily chores, fixing a broken wardrobe, fixing a leaking tap in your kitchen, maintaining your vehicle, or it could simply be doing all of this plus a myriad other things.

Personal productivity could mean something to you and something else to others, but is it fair to draw a parallel and say it in few words; being disciplined.

discipline for productivity

Let's get this straight, nobody wants to be NOT disciplined. We "happen" to slip into being either lazy or not having "enough" time to do these things for, not for others but for us. On the other hand, you will agree that we somehow manage to get these tasks done. Otherwise, we wouldn't be a part of this sophisticated world today shouldering huge responsibilities in our professional life.

Next few lines written here might change your life for good, but if it was only that easy, the word productive would be obsolete.

There are numerous ways to achieve productivity in your personal life and it is often noticed, people who are "disciplined" have one thing in common. They have a routine that they will never skip. Yes, a routine that is not forced upon, but opted themselves.

It could simply start with an early morning routine of walk/jog/run or hitting the gym or yoga or dance or some sport they ENJOY. Does not sound interesting enough to you maybe, but the truth is they follow the routine because they enjoy and indulge in that activity. They don't follow those short lived episodes of "I need to go to the gym to lose weight". The thought of doing something to get anything but joy, will not last long.


All one needs to do is find an activity that is enjoyable and needs the least amount of pushing-oneself-to start-off. Once you have found such an activity, the rest will fall into place. Let's assume you started jogging with a group of friends, you might not be the fastest or most efficient one in the group. It is natural for us to compete in a healthy way and find ways to get better. From there, there is no stopping, we could be the fastest in that group or the fastest in that city or country, based on determination.

What is the big deal in getting involved in one such activity? There is no big deal, but this path will rewire our brain to stay disciplined by building a routine. A routine around an activity will help us plan better to ensure we stay on it and it doesn't hamper our commitments.

To sum up, find that one activity/sport that you enjoy. It takes couple of attempts to find the right one, so do not be too hard on yourself. Finding it will come to you naturally as long as you keep trying.

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