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April 12, 2019

Top 10 Techniques to Optimize Your Website for Google Voice Search

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Posted by:
Pavan Karnam

Recently, Google search by voice has rapid growth in popularity and recommend a way better for users to search everything by simply talking with a phone or desktop. This user-friendly feature enables a user to click on the mic icon on phone/desktop and spell the keywords they want to see results for and let Google search by voice do the rest. You can reach out to an SEO Services Company if you need help with optimizing your website for google voice search.

Voice-only-search enables users to browse the web and customer information without having to scroll through numerous sites on mobile devices and desktops. This trending technology may be the future of brands success in the competitive era.


What is Google Voice Search?

Google Voice Search is a hands-free Google technology that lets users input search queries using Google through spoken voice instructions instead of typing. It is available for Android Devices, iOS Devices, Chrome, Google Maps, YouTube and Google Home.

Google voice search has gained huge traffic among users as it is more convenient for users to speak with an assistant than to type. The search results generated via voice search are quite faster. Therefore, there is no doubt that the majority of people are using their voice instead of the keyboard.

As per the recent technology survey, by 2020, 50% of internet searches will be based on voice and it's more likely that SEO experts will have to optimize their content for voice. As your new customer can be one click and one "OK, Google" search away from your business. Hence to help customers discover your business faster, optimize your website to get your business searched and chosen by a voice search assistant.


The following are the techniques to be considered while optimizing the site for voice search.

1. Page speed: Page speed plays a vital role when it comes to ranking your website on top of Google search engine. The various ways to increase Pagespeed - Enable compression, Reduce redirects, Minify CSS, Javascript, and HTML, Remove render-blocking JavaScript, Leverage browser caching, Improve server response time, Use a content distribution network, and Optimize images.

2. HTTPS: HTTPS is one of the essential parts in SEO to optimize your site for voice search results as the majority of Google search results are secured with HTTPS.

3. Words Length: Normally, Google prefers short and precise results for user voice search queries. So, it is recommended to use simple, and short sentences to get your website ranked in the top for voice search results.

4. High Domain Authority Links: As per Google ranking signals, the links with high domain authority tends to rank better than the links with low-domain authority in voice search.

5. Most Shared Content: The content with a high level of social-media engagement tend to appear in voice search results.


6. Simple Content: The content published should be simple, easy to read and understandable, which may help for voice search SEO.

7. Long Form Content: The longer form content ranks best in the voice search results as most of the Google search results would be from web pages with high volume content.

8. Mobile-Friendly Site: Making your site design mobile-friendly will be an added advantage to drive higher response rates and sites appear to have an edge in Google voice search results.

9. Voice-Friendly Site: As voice search is more practical & reliable as most of the people are using voice queries to get the information quickly in a particular area, which makes perfect for local SEO. Voice-friendly SEO includes - Natural language (Where, Why, Who) and Long tail keywords (Phrases related).

10. Featured Snippet: If your site is appearing in the 0th position of Google search results, will help your site rank in voice search.

Google has already specified that voice search is one of the fastest-growing forms of search that has highly influenced users across the globe. If you are looking for a new way to enhance website traffic, then it's time to optimize the site for voice search which will bring more customers to your site and enhance the user experience. Reach out to Appiness, an SEO Agency in Bangalore and get your website optimized for voice search. 

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