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So What's Appy Hours?

Appy Hours is a collaborative, product-oriented, partnership program, where we work with promising start-ups to build their core products and services. We partner with the startups to provide them with world-class services on Mobile/Web App UX, Product Design, Development and Marketing.

Startups will benefit a lot because their Minimum Lovable Product (MLP) is developed at a very low cost and equity, with world-class resources and standards. Plus, you receive additional services designed especially for startups.

In short, you get a world-class product built-in rocket speed and pay part in cash and the rest in equity.

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  • Where do we come in?

    Appy Hours comes to you when you need it the most. Before anyone else shows trust in you, before the big money walks in, before you have your product ready, we stand by you to build your product and help you launch it.
    What Are The Major Problems Startup Founders Face?
What you get

Best resources

  • Level Resource

    Board Level-Mentors - Tech Architects, Branding Gurus

  • Key Resource

    Product & Design - Product Management, UX, UI, Data Visualisation

  • Fringe Resource

    Development Resources - Solution Arch, Developers (Web,Mobile,Product), QA

  • Support Services

    Support Services - Digital Marketing, Sales, Analytics

  • Benefits

  • Quick to Start

    Quick to start

    Our unique operating model means teams can be deployed quickly to support each startup

  • Expertise


    Our teams have deep expertise through working with enterprise clients and startups across UX,UI and cutting edge technology

  • Spped to market

    Speed to Market

    Our MLP program means that we are focused on getting your product to market very quickly so that you get the vital validation needed

  • award winning

    Award Winning Teams

    The Appiness teams have won over 35 design awards, both nationally and internationally

  • cost effective


    Optimal resource utilisation for startups, to keep costs and fixed overheads low

  • latest technologies

    Latest technologies

    Appiness to provide with resources with expertise on cutting edge technologies

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What do we do as business consultants?
In our web development agency in Bangalore, we assist our clients to improve their performance and make necessary changes to achieve their goals. In a nutshell, we help companies overcome critical challenges, increase revenue and ultimately lead to success.
How does Appy Hours fit into the picture?
Appy hour is the brainchild of our co-founders. It is a partnership program at our top digital marketing company in Bangalore which allows us to collaborate with promising start-ups to build their core product and services. Through Appy hours, we aim to provide these startups with world-class services on Web App UX, development, product design, and marketing efficiently, and faster.
How do Appy Hours work?
Appiness interactive collaborates with startups to solidify their ground by providing them with help to build their core product and services. Our solution will develop your MLP or Minimal Lovable Product at a very low cost using top-notch resources and standards. The cherry on the cake, however, is the additional services that you will acquire through our web development company in Bangalore. Our experts will specifically design services for you to meet your needs.
Why do you need Appy Hours?
Whether it is a small business, a large enterprise, or a start-up, from time to time, every company requires business consultation. By being associated with our top digital marketing agency in Bangalore, you will get access to the benefits that come with Appy Hours.
- Appy Hours will increase your digital presence
- Appy Hours will increase reputation, and revenue through a comprehensive investigation of the niche, opponents with comparable business models, and the marketing tactics one follows so that we can deliver a succinct report.
- A custom-made service will be designed specifically for you to help you achieve your corporate goal.
How to apply for Appy Hours?
The method of applying for Appy Hours at our web development company in Bangalore is comprehensively easy. All you have to do is follow the steps mentioned below,
- Scroll down to the bottom of the page and there you will find an e-form.
- There you have to put the required information such as the name of the founder, the founder's email ID, the name of the startup, mobile number, a brief description of the startup, location and finally the pitch deck. Ensure that the pitch deck is either in PPT or PDF format.
- After inserting all the data, click on the 'submit' button.

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