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UI Design


“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

— Steve Jobs.

UI Design Company UI Design Company
User Interface Design Company in bangalore

Now that the skeleton of the website has been developed, time to ‘beautify’ it; because the last thing anyone wants is an overly congested layout that only breeds confusion. UI signifies adding the visual elements to the website that creates a positive interaction between the customer and the website, or software.

With our intuitive approach that focuses on delivering an effective UI to make the user’s experience easy while minimizing effort on the user’s part to receive a maximum outcome, we ensure that you get a design that reflects the mission of your enterprise through and through.

Why UI Design should Take Priority:

To Acquire New Customers:

An informative and impressive user interface generally builds a confident environment throughout the website so that the users can find it trustworthy. Such an atmosphere not only makes the website appear attractive but also retains the trust of the customers. With every brand trying to improve the user interface and attract the same audience, only easy-to-navigate, delivery of the right information, and less-jarring medium can make a difference.

Increases Conversion:

User interfaces have been considered one of the most active ways in which one can increase traffic to your website. A good UI will captivate your visitors, make them want to stay, and browse through the whole thing to at least get one thing.

User Interface Design Company in bangalore

This is how conversion takes place. According to a study conducted by Forbes, a good UI holds the chance to increase the conversion rate by 200%. A visually striking yet minimally placed UI design that assists visitors to buy your product while providing a seamless user experience is what any company should be striving for.

User Interface Design Company

Lessen the Confusion:

Would you like it if someone gave you the direction to a certain destination in the most complicated way possible? No, right? The purpose of the UI design is to reduce confusion and boost user retention. If the website has a disproportionate setup, poor choice of colours and badly contrasted groupings, unnecessary redirection and tools spread here and there without any need, chances are that you will have a drop in the QoE. The UI design assures that a website is clean, organized and striking without cutting back on the matter of solving user's problems. So, those who like your brand will come back to it.

When You Hire Us, You Acquire Our

Best UI Design Company

Ability to Design Easily Navigated Menus:

Easily navigated menus can make or break things when it comes to driving ROI and conversion. The UI designers at Appiness will design clearly labelled navigation menus for you and place them strategically for the users.

Ability to Design Simply Based on Your Requirement:

While we don't put a stop to choosing a design for the website, we ensure that you get what you want without cutting any corners. The designers at Appiness have years of experience and knowledge. They keep them up to date with the latest user interface designs to suggest visually striking modules that also align with your requirements.

Ability to Be Consistent:

The ability to be consistent is something not everyone has while designing a website, but not us. Our designers make sure that they are using common elements that allow people to understand patterns and learn how to make the site work without any issues.

Grow Your Business With Us

Because we put the ‘U’ in the UI design by conducting constant research, and including cutting edge to create an almost orgasmic, web user experience that is all-inclusive.

We understand that in this digital era, it is impossible to accomplish tasks without our devices. While our world shifted to the five-inch screen, we have to make sure that the result that we see is operable and can be navigated; and to make that happen, we try to establish an ever-evolving relationship between the person and the system by making sure that the statement is mirrored through the design using cutting-edge technology and the right tools.

About Us

We are a Bangalore based Product Development and UX firm specialising in Digital Services for the whole spectrum, from startups to fortune-500s. We do not redefine anything or reinvent the wheel.

About Appiness

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UI or User Interface is a process the designers use to build the interface in a computerized or software devices. The main focus of UI design is to create an asethetically pleasing and accessible designs that makes utilising the app or software easy.

The importance of User Interface design lies in anticipation of what the user might need to do and ensuring that that the interface has every element to get that task done. The design makes the elements easy to access, and understandable. The facilitation of the action brings together the concept of interactivity, visualisation, and information architecture.

The UI design is an essential part of the website as this not only enhances the attract more prospects, increase conversions, sales, and as a result, the overall profitability. A good UI design will also improve customer retention.

The design procedure that our designers follow at our UI UX design company in Bangalore starts with understanding the customer and their values. They conduct a thorough research and sketch out the design. The first creative gets sent out to the respective client for approval before it gets implemented. the evaluation of the work gives our designer enough room to improve it.

The cost for UI design at Appiness will vary differently deepnding on multiple factors, starting from the number of resources to the hours spent. To get a just estimation on how much it may cost you, contact us.