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MLP Workshops

We made mistakes so you can learn.

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UI UX Workshop UX Design Workshop
UX Design Workshop in Bangalore

Great products come with a great User Experience (UX). But take note that a great UX is never accidental. It needs clear direction, conscious planning, and efficient execution; and guess what? we are here to tell you how to create a great product with pleasurable UX.

We love creating great products with great UX. Appiness has been engaged in creating some great experiences since its inception. We have learned it all the hard way but we don’t want you to make the same mistakes we did and waste your effort, money, and time. We are here to help the ecosystem, by helping you create a Minimum Loveable Prototype for your ideas, in less than a week.

What Do You Get Out of the Workshop?

A Minimal Loveable Product or MLP is an initial stage that marks the beginning of an experience the user may yield from the start while using a product. It represents the minimum that is required for the targeted audience to adore the specific product rather than merely tolerating it for the sake of usage.

The MLP generally serves as a counterpoint to the Minimum Viable Product. However, it is the MLP that gives a positive nod towards the production of the solution. Customers nowadays have many options as technology has eased our journey in the corporate realm. As a result, creating a solution which satisfies the customer, and makes them feel appreciated, and heard becomes necessary. MLP workshop can assist you and your team find the right methods of building the MLP.

UI UX Workshop in Bangalore

Recognise the Need:

With the help of the MLP workshop, you can not only understand the right method of analysing how to acquire the behavioural data of the targeted customers but also find the challenges you may face while implementing the concepts.

Learn to Build a Proper MLP:

The workshop will be conducted by our experts who will share their knowledge on how to build upon your initial product offering. The session will show you ways to curate the right data that will reveal the ways how to delight your targeted customers rather than just doing the bare minimum to keep them onboard.

Learn the ways to increase brand loyalty:

A loyal customer is can yield an unimaginable conversion rate. To make sure that you turn a targeted customer into a loyal one, you need to have a proper idea of what makes them tick. The MLP workshop will help you gain insight into how the human psyche works and implement those data to attract customers with minimal marketing efforts.

When to Consider MLP Workshop?

A product that is just ‘viable’ will not cut it, what you need in this competitive corporate world to gain an edge is to create a solution that the customers cannot stay away from, and to do that, you need the product to be loveable. Consider conducting an MLP workshop if you notice the following.

If you can’t get ‘The Why’:

The product has to be loveable as well as efficient. It has to solve the problems. With that being said, if you notice that your team cannot find the purpose behind the creation of the product, then you need to conduct the MLP workshop.

If you can’t get your team to align on the loveable goals:

It takes every member of the team to make a product loveable. However, aligning your teams to one common goal might be tough. The workshop can reveal ways in which all team members can work towards achieving the same goal in the most effective ways possible.

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Grow Your Business With Us

Sometimes you may see the most impractical ideas taking off; similarly, sometimes you may see the most practical idea failing. It’s better to fail early and realize if it’s worth the effort than spend years building something which won’t see the light of day. With our MLP workshop sessions, you will learn how to delight your customers. If you are wondering whether we are open to sharing the methodologies we follow at Appiness, to help you build amazing products, The answer is ‘YES’.

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We are a Bangalore based Product Development and UX firm specialising in Digital Services for the whole spectrum, from startups to fortune-500s. We do not redefine anything or reinvent the wheel.

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To know why MLP is more significant than MVP, you must know the essence behind both aspects. MVP or Minimal Viable Product is a type of prototype with a minimum set of basic features. These features are used to collect feedback for further iteration. Compared to MVP, MLP or Minimal Loveable Product not only follows basic functionality but also interacts with the targetted audience and elicits an emotional response. MLP is one level above MVP as the purpose of this prototype is not to just be viable to develop and integrate further features, but to offer a solution with seamless UE to impress the audience emotionally.

The procedure for building MLP is varied, however, at our web development company in Bangalore we follow the steps mentioned below:

- We start with focusing on the 'why' as solving the problem of a business takes priority.

- After assessing the goals that need to be delivered, we align the requirements of our whole team on how to achieve the loveable goals.

- We research and come up with a solution to clear the roadblocks to achieve the client's needs.

This procedure is repeated thoroughly until the set goal has been achieved.

A minimal loveable product is basically an initial version of a product as this prototype allows the business providers to analyse the value, gain insight into customer behaviour, and receive positive responses.

MVP or Minimal Viable Product is a type of product that has a limited set of features. These features are used to gather feedback or further iteration. However, MLP or Minimal Loveable Product only has the basic functionality that aims towards eliciting the emotion out of a user.

The target of a workshop is to bring a group of people who share the same interest, expertise, or profession under one platform and to engage in an analytic yet descriptive discussion on a particular topic.