Follow these Instagram accounts to sharpen your UX design skills

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    Mohammad Owaiz Shaik

    • July 18, 2019

    Follow these Instagram accounts to sharpen your UX design skills

I am always hungry to gain design knowledge. I try to consume relevant information through many sources such as reading books, following blogs, watching YouTube videos, listening to podcasts, etc. Doing these requires me to cut out a dedicated time of my so called busy schedule. I happened to discover few instagram accounts posting interesting content using the flashcard methodology. These micro blogs on instagram helps me to revise my early learning and discovering new topics. Most of us are already hooked to instagram, why not use it for our learning purposes.

1. morejanda

Michale Janda posts about value of business and design.

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Solving Bigger Problems by @morejanda // Increase your value by learning to solve bigger problems. This content outlines a path to solving bigger problems using a problem/value scale. - - Small problems are easy to solve and many people can solve them. Big problems are more difficult to solve and fewer people can solve them. - - ???? Before you write in the comments, “What does XXXXXXXXXXX mean?” please note that each slide of this post could contain volumes more information. There is so much to learn for each of these elements. - - My effort here is to help you analyze the level problems you are able to solve today and to identify some skills you may consider learning in an effort to increase your value. - - - - - - #designbooks #psychopricing #michaeljanda #??????????? #burnyourportfolio #graphicdesign #designtips #designadvice #pricing #freelance #freelancertips #businessadvice #bizofdesign #designbusiness #designeducation #creativeagency #agencyadvice #marketingagency #marketingtips #visualdesign #branding #brandidentity #brandmanagement #problemsolving #careergrowth #increasingvalue

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2. _ayushjangra_

This indian designer is one of my personal favourites. He posts high quality content related to design principles and guidelines.

3. zanderwhitehurst

I would call him king of the UX micro content creation. He posts more about UX principles along with the tips to design elements based on them.

4. ui.helen

This Solopreneur teaches how to become a freelancer and tips to design UI.

5. uitrends

This is a purely UI focused channel.

6. The.dsgnr

7. anfisign

She is one of the most popular UX instagrammers. Her posts are focused on UX Research and strategy.

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? ????What is a user journey?? ———? Time for a last useful post in 2018, just before the full holiday mode on.? ? ? ????First, I want to mention that «Personas» as a tool becomes most valuable only when it is tied up to a user journey.So let’s review what is a User journey and what types do we know?? ? ? ????What is it?? ———? A scenario is an imaged situation? that describes how a persona ? would interact with a product in a ? particular context to achieve its end goal(s)? ? ? ????Specifically…? ———? A series of steps (4-12) in which a user solve its problem on a timeline skeleton. ? ? ? ????2 types:? ———? ??Current? The way users currently interact with the product (or solve existing pain)? ??Potential? The way users can interact with the product (or will interact with a new product)? ? ? ????2 types of presentations:? ———? ??Simple? ??Complex? ? ??Simple one Includes:? ????One user? ????One goal? ????One scenario? ????One path? ? ??Complex one Includes:? ????Experiences at different time sessions, by different users’ paths all in the same flow? ? PS. How is your pre-NEW YEAR work mode?? Have you wrapped up your projects and concluded with the 2018 year resolutions?? ? ? ? #ux_with_anfisign#designer#newyear##userscenario#userflow#uxproject#userjourney#ux#uxdesign#userexperience#designer#ui#uxprocess#ux101#productdesign#designproject#dribbble#uxd#designthinking#portfolio#uxvivid#uivivid#uicollections#designlessons? ?? ??

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8. badbad_ux

This is must follow channel for designers, it has a collection of worst ever design mistakes. I always take examples from here to explain the value of design to my friends and clients.

9. uxpuzzles

Be inspired by funny and less funny stuff.

10. Interaction_design_foundation

The is the official account of IDF, a leader in UX training through it's exhaustive design content.

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Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and Design - Balancing Risk to Gain Reward? ? The idea of the minimum viable product (MVP) has been around for some time. The term itself was coined by Frank Robinson but was made popular by two influential names in product design – Steve Blank, a serial-entrepreneur and academic, and Eric Ries, the pioneer of the Lean Startup movement.? ? Read more on the linktree link in bio. ? ? #design #designer #graphicdesign #graphicdesigner #designers #webdesign #ui #designlife #designing #ux #webdesigner #uidesign #userexperience #userinterface #uiux #onlinelearning #interactiondesign #webdesigners #designstudent #userinterfacedesign #userexperiencedesign #designeducation?#uxdesigners #uxdesigning #uxresearch #onlinecourses #uxinspiration #uxuidesign #uxprocess

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11. uxgene

Gene Rock writes tips about usage of various UI components, building design systems and more about productivity.

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?? It’s checkboxes time! This topic is pretty easy, but still I wanted to bring it here to the feed along with the other selection controls. So that next time designing a form with selection controls you won’t miss any General description of checkboxes is that they allow selection of one or multiple items from a set of choices. Few quick tips on usage: 1?? best to present checkboxes in a vertical list 2?? group of checkboxes should comprise dependent choices 3?? more than one column is acceptable 4?? try to keep your list short enough Checkboxes have several usage patterns and represent: ????Individual choice (apply/don’t apply 1 option) ????Multiple choice (select 1 or more options) ???????Mixed choice (when used in group with sub-selection, parent checkbox can be in Mixed state) And one more important note that always use clear and concise labels for checkboxes. Be explicit about the results that will follow if the checkbox is selected. These are the most basic rules for the checkboxes. To master their usage you can dig dipper and explore Material, IBM Carbon or old good Microsoft guides. Hope that was helpful! Will be happy to hear from you, drop me a comment! Thank you ????

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12. Uxgiotto

Although, Instagram isn't the best source of knowledge, as these are the highly scaled down versions of the core concepts. I would suggest not to replace your habits of reading books or blogs with these but use them as trigger points for your extensive learning.

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