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March 19, 2024

The Best AI Tools for Digital Marketing in 2024

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Posted by:
Abhishek Chettri

The dynamic field of digital marketing moves rapidly and strongly, requiring constant creativity and flexibility. To be successful in the online world, it's essential to have the appropriate tools and strategies, irrespective of whether you are a freelancer, an entrepreneur, or a digital marketing company.

The application of artificial intelligence (AI) to streamline and optimise a wide range of marketing processes is one of the most effective and intriguing advances in digital marketing. Artificial intelligence (AI) is the technology that enables machines to acquire information from data and perform jobs that often call for human intelligence. AI can help you produce better content, interact with more people, and get more favourable results.

We'll be sharing the best AI tools for digital marketing in this blog article in 2024. Features, popularity, price, and applicability to the digital marketing industry are the parameters that drive the choice of these products.

1. Jasper AI

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Are you trying to find a unique way to enhance the quality of your copywriting? Presenting Jasper AI, the ultimate AI copywriting tool. Jasper AI will assist you with content creation for email campaigns, social media, websites, and marketing. It produces compelling and individualised content that easily matches your picked keywords, tone, and style because of its advanced natural language generation (NLG) engine. Jasper AI provides extensive editing, rewriting, and optimisation capabilities for your current copy and generates original and appropriate content. 

Jasper AI has a free plan and three paid plans starting from $29 per month

2. Surfer SEO

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Exceptional among AI-driven SEO solutions, Surfer SEO is meant to raise the visibility and traffic of your website content. Surfer SEO provides you with data-driven, intelligent recommendations for optimising your content by carefully reviewing the highest-converting pages connected to the keywords you have highlighted. Surfer SEO takes care of everything, from optimising keywords, headlines, and images to further improving the total length and structure of content.

Surfer SEO has a 7-day trial for $1 and four paid plans starting from $59 per month

3. Lexica Art

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Uncovering Lexica Art is an innovative AI-powered graphic design tool designed to increase online exposure. You can easily express your creativity with Lexica Art, whether you're designing dynamic social media posts, intriguing infographics, or blog thumbnails. It transforms your words into stunning pictures by leveraging innovative deep-learning techniques. Use a range of text options, effects, and filters to add something unique to your work. 

Lexica Art has a free plan and two paid plans starting from $9 per month

4. Notion AI

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With Notion AI, the leading-edge AI productivity solution created especially for digital marketers, say goodbye to disorganised work and forgotten deadlines. Notion AI uses advanced AI technology to streamline your flow of work like never before, seamlessly integrating with your calendar, email, and other apps.

Notion AI puts a lot of effort in the shadows to prioritise your tasks and optimise your calendar so you can easily meet deadlines and stay on track. Not only that, but its user-friendly smart assistant feature is always prepared to support you, ready to react to inquiries, offer incisive analysis, and even automate monotonous chores so you may focus on the things that really count.

Notion AI has a free plan and two paid plans starting from $8 per month

5. Originality AI

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Learn about Originality AI, an innovative AI-powered solution that will improve the quality and originality of your content. Using a network of deep neural networks that is highly intelligent, Originality AI carefully examines your content against thousands of web pages in order to rapidly detect any cases of plagiarism, duplication, or similarity. Originality AI is more than simply a plagiarism detector—it also provides content improvement functions that make it simple to enrich, edit, and paraphrase your writing to enhance originality and reader engagement.

6. Content at Scale

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Content at Scale provides an entirely new way to rapidly and efficiently produce blog posts that are optimised for search engines. It generates relevant and instructive content in just a couple of minutes due to its advanced natural language understanding (NLU) engine, which can also recognise your target audience, topic, and objective. To further streamline the content generation process, it helps with source identification, headline formulation, and keyword research. 

Content at Scale has a free plan and three paid plans starting from $49 per month

If you are looking for a digital marketing partner and to understand the best AI tools for digital marketing, Appiness is willing to help. Enhancing your online visibility and profitability is our top priority. SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, web design, and other services are all included in our service offering. Use our contact form or give us a call at +91-9606222779 to take advantage of a free consultation and customised estimate. We are really looking forward to speaking with you.

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