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March 10, 2021

How Featured Snippets Dominates More Search Clicks on Google Search

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Posted by:
Lavanya K

What is a Google Snippet?


On top of Google's result box, answer boxes or featured snippets are seen. These seek to answer the query of the client within the small frame of the sentence. Being in the Google snippet means introducing your website to a real brand and more clicks.

The SEO experts will create the content for snippets in essentially three forms:

List: If there are more responses to a question, then it can be shown in the list format.

Paragraph: This can provide a simple question definition or summary in 3-4 lines for the query.

Table: To make it simple and easy to understand, the data is displayed in table format.

Websites or blogs in e-commerce are constantly searching for the best ways to reach the top of Google's search engine results pages (SERP). Shopping ads, search ads, graph boxes, conversion tables, and many more are included in the result pages. The best way to push viewers to your website is to earn a featured snippet.

How would I get Snippets on Google?

This is a tricky thing where you can be helped by a trained SEO expert to reveal your content in Google's snippets. Some of the key points in the process that can support are:


It is important to properly research the content on your website and it requires basics such as quality images, graphics, and relevant information. It should be done to use keywords but never stuff a lot of them on your platform where it does not suit.

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Formatting Content Style:

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Ensure that on your web pages and blogs you meet the guidelines of SEO, optimize the content of the title, header, description, and blog content accordingly. To improve the chances of showing the content in the featured snippet, create small pieces of relevant information and services.

Use of Questions and Answers Format:

Google Featured Snippet

This format makes the process a lot simpler and can be applied on your site within the blog or through the FAQ section. The basic need of the featured snippet is to have a context of their queries and it is not possible to use this segment for selling products. Make sure that your content is relevant and crisp to the questions asked by individuals on the platform of Google.

Research More about the Topics:

Google Featured Snippet and SEO

The standard way a person approaches Google will always be made aware of by a reputable SEO agency. In terms of how people ask questions and find answers, there is often a certain pattern. In general, the questions start from how, when, which, where, why, and many similar terms of this kind. An SEO professional may support you in making strategies for the content on your websites.

Give the most relevant answers to the questions:

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Make sure to use keywords and phrases in your content that are relevant. Always properly look into the data and make sure that you answer every question on your website related to a topic. If possible, keep the texts clear and readable, including infographics and screenshots as well.

What are the Rich Snippets on Google?


For every query searched, a normal snippet of Google search results has a URL, title, and small description. There is some additional information related to the page you want to move ahead with in the event of a rich snippet. An image, contact details, ratings or the date the article was published online may be included in the additional information.

Rich snippets help users decide which platform will provide their queries with the best answers and the best results. Google lets you add rich snippets to your site with code in a particular format using structured data.

How would you Win Featured Snippets?

SEO Service Providers

There are many ways of being in Google's featured snippet. Because it is not an easy task, professional SEO companies are working to bring their blogs, websites, or business platforms into the featured snippets. To reach the featured snippet section, there are certain tricks we can discuss here:

1. Have detailed data on the keywords used and their rankings. Make use of different tools to refine the details and ensure that your content uses such relevant keywords.

2. Beware of the intent of the user while searching for any topic. This will help you to format your content and make use of minor details according to their requirements.

3. Make sure to be clear with your content and be short. SEO professionals often ensure that, according to the snippets on Google search result pages, the content is correct.

4. Keep a note of the features of the target snippets and try regularly to work on them. Be sure to periodically review them and update the content accordingly.

5. Make your content in the snippet section realistic and click-worthy. With the help of SEO experts, this can be achieved. To see the status of the created content, there are several SEO resources available that can help enhance the section and work on the weaknesses. 

6. To create the best content and view the content in clear language to make it user-friendly and easily understandable, use more sources, data, and analysis. In the snippet section, avoid using heavy technical terms as much as possible.

7. Have a good Practice for the data according to the analysis. In presenting data that includes statistics or numbers, it should be used as a tabular form, whereas a simple paragraph for certain meanings and lists if there are multiple answers to a question.

8. Work on the landing page and show your skills that all the relevant information about the subject searched by the user is available on your website. In the SERP of Google, a strong source can increase your rankings.

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