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February 28, 2021

Data-Driven Content Marketing In 2021

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Posted by:
Pallavi R

Great content, but no traffic. Is it just bad luck?


Not sure! While the global pandemic of COVID-19 has an impact on digital marketing too. To make a real success with the use of texts\ words, you need a Data-Driven Content Strategy.

Data-Driven Content refers to the analytic strategy used for online marketing campaigns. This data is generally obtained from a buyer persona or customer profile to curate content. The data collected is from a targeted audience who buy your product or service.

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High-quality content depends on reliable data. To achieve the content success, the goal is to create a data-driven content marketing strategy - Research, Plan, Publication and Performance tracking.


In this blog, you will learn how to find the target audience, set content marketing strategy goals, Analyze your market and competition, Distribute content via the right channels, and Analyze your data marketing performance.

What is Data-Driven Content Marketing?

Content marketing involves an entire strategic process, not just the creation and distribution of content. It is used at all stages of the user journey to attract visitors, engage with prospects and convert into sales and eventually build loyalty and add them to your community.

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Data-Driven Content Marketing is a type of analytic approach used in online content marketing campaigns. The data utilised is gathered from the customer profile or buyer persona. This data is collected from the target audience who are interested to buy your product or service and become returning buyers.

The data-driven method lets you know what your audience needs and get data-informed recommendations rather than the use of traditional processes. The main goal of this process is to bring value to your audience.

How will Data analysis help in the content life cycle?

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With a collection of one-way messages delivered in bulk, effective marketing no longer means going after the prospects. Rather, by giving them a customized experience that they can seek out and share with their peers, it's about engaging the audience.

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1. Research & plan content - It will help you to curate the right strategy - target audience and market analysis, set goals and plan your activities.

2. Content Creation- It can help you to create content for certain topics which not only answers your audience questions but also improve website visibility.

3. Content Distribution - It will assist you to identify the right steps to connect with your target audience.

4. Track content performance - It will aid you to evaluate the effectiveness of your efforts, test the approaches adopted and choose the best to achieve your marketing goal.

Top 6 Marketing Goals To Achieve With Data-Driven Approach:

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1. Generate quality traffic

Value-added content that discusses your target audience's particular concerns or needs will increase the flow of potential visitors, and therefore the quality of your leads.

2. Increase your conversion rate

Address the topics that engage your customers if you know how to present it and answer their queries or get along and delight them. It will help them gain trust in your product or services.

3. Build customer loyalty and expand your community

Motivate your customers with informative content that is relevant to their interest and make them happy. Content marketing helps you to build your world that your customers will show interest to be part of.

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4. Improve your online visibility

Good quality indicators for Google are the level of site traffic and content relevancy. More the informative and engaging content, the better shall be your site's SEO rank and visibility on search engines.

5. Boost your brand image

High-quality content enables you to present your customers who your company/business is and what your brand indicates. Content marketing helps to refine your digital presence and get closer to your target audience.

6. Position yourself as your industry specialist

Content creation and publication allows you to show your expertise, skills and awareness about the audience needs. It will help enhance brand image and build trust in your potential customers.

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Benefits of Data-Driven Marketing:

Data can help recognise target audiences and their trending topic searches, channel-specific choices of potential consumers, and the relevant influencers.

•  Create personalized content marketing campaigns

•  Know what technique works and what does not for your business

•  Segment your target audience

•  Easy way to know your customers

•  Tailor-made marketing

If you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to have the right data, that improves your content strategy - To know where your audience spends more time, learn what type of content they look online and what keywords they search mostly and much more.

data driven and content marketing

The added advantage is that the more you learn about your audience and their needs, the quicker and easier it will be to build personalized content marketing campaigns, generate leads and convert into customers.

best datad driven and content marketing agency

It might sound ambitious, but for the success of your global marketing campaign, a strong content marketing strategy backed by data is crucial. 

Therefore, contact Appiness Interactive, a trusted and well-known Digital Marketing Company in Bangalore to explore the modern trends of content marketing and implement them accordingly.

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