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June 19, 2020

Importance of Right Content in SEO and Social Media

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Posted by:
Saba Firdous

In Digital Marketing 4.0, the right content and SEO go hand in hand and cannot be disintegrated anymore. The right content will always influence the social media metrics besides playing a role in the determination of the SEO ranking. In a highly competitive marketplace, you need to harness the potential that content-based marketing can have to connect to your target audience. It is through the right content that will let you stand tall in this arena.

Let us discuss what makes up the right content. Both, the frequency and quality of information of your brand will help you build a robust base of audience. Your target customers should be able to connect to you on some emotional level. This is when you become a trusted source of information which in turn will significantly increase the number of clicks on your content in the search engine. These clicks or brand awareness have a significant impact on the bounce rate.

Another aspect of paramount importance in the creation of the right content is the 'user intent'. This is where your efforts take off to study or create your own sample surveys. The surveys can be manifested in the form of emails or social conversations where you can study the demand of people thoroughly and groom yourselves accordingly. This approach will enhance your brand awareness and thus, brand engagement.

Coming back to the frequency of the content, it is to be noted that the social media content and your search engine content is well synchronised to let your audience feel homely. A foreign la la land will ultimately tempt the user to click on the back button which you certainly do not fancy. Quality content is equivalent to educating customers.

Lastly, high-quality content would always rely on the use of appropriate keywords and the originality of your content. The right content ethics require you to be imaginative and original. This will have an exponential impact on your conversion rate.

To sum it up, a lower bounce rate, building brand awareness, customer education, a higher conversion rate, stronger customer connect through social media and SEO is all that you can achieve with the right content. Lastly, quality content will create a wider emotional connect creating an aura of greater credibility and accountability. So, you know now where to focus on to build your brand.

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You can use the factors mentioned below to make your content and search engine successful:

1. Quality Content

It is crucial that you maintain the quality of your content with a planned framework and a comprehensive ideation process. You can begin with time-bound brainstorming sessions with your team and arranging the ideas into a structured content calendar.

2. Research

Without on-point research, your business stories might not be as appealing to your audience as you would want it to be. This is an age of collaboration and you must go all out without hesitation to add authentic research in support of your content.

3. Keywords

These are the words your audience will type in the search bar to find your content. This makes it important for you to do your homework on keywords, use them in a natural flow and avoid keyword stuffing to prevent any potential SEO penalties.

4. Freshness

In the fast-growing world, you need to pace up to stand out in the competition. This convergence should be driven using fresh data, new information and updated stories. Such an approach will help you to retain your customers and audience.

5. Depth of Content

A vertical approach in your blogs will help you cover more in a shorter span of time, but these days content creators are expected to deliver a horizontal approach in your content that includes detailed information about the subject your readers are interested in. This will help them with their solutions and make them return to you in moments of doubts.

Content Strategy

How can Content affect SEO?

Content can have a significant impact in helping you grow the traffic on your website through optimised content. The quality of your content depends highly on how well your content serves the purpose which in turn, creates a positive impact on your SEO ranking. A well-defined framework for your main, supplementary and advertising content will help you in improving your quality for the readers and also increase the traffic twofold.

How content plays a major role in the engagement of people in Social media?

Social Media has become an empowering tool for small businesses where you can provoke a reaction on your content. High-Value Content allows you to compete with established brands as Philip Kotler mentions in his book Digital Marketing 4.0 that the most vital audience of YWN (youth, women and netizens) can be influenced through social media content which connects to them.

Why is Content Marketing important for your business and how it will impact your business?

Content Marketing is something that will stay with your customers throughout the brand education process. You can customise your content to guide them in the awareness stage, consideration as well as in the decision-making stage. This will help your customers make well-informed decisions and you never know, with a good experience at your enterprise, they might become your passive promoters. Thus, content marketing can have a multiplier effect on your business

Digital Marketing Company

What would you post if you do not have interesting content?

We all get the creativity-block but that must not influence your business flow. Therefore, to catch up with the speed, you may collaborate with your contemporaries and resort to guest posting while you indulge in time-bound and precise brainstorming sessions. Other resources to rest your faith on, during the pre-ideation phase are celebrity trends, movies, comics, books and the list goes on.

To revamp your idea zone, it is important that you look for inspiration around you which have the tendency to pop up anywhere, even during an evening stroll. Thus, exploration of your own story, and new cultures, is the key to generating ideas. Lastly, and most importantly, make sure you do not forget to note down your Eureka moment before it evaporates in the space. 

To ensure you rank high on google with SEO-optimized content, contact Appiness Interactive, a Digital Marketing Company in Bangalore, that keeps itself ahead by staying up to date on contemporary SEO trends.

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