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Everyone has one, right? But you know for a fact that most Indian smartphone users lack basic connectivity at all. Then what is the whole purpose of having one?

Having a website is not a big deal. Every organisation has a website. Even people have websites these days. My friend has made a website for his dog. But how many are using them to generate value?

The purpose of a website for an organisation, brand, or product is to generate tangible business value.

A website should act as a communication tool, marketing collateral, a lead generation mechanism, and so on. Your website is your first point of contact, your PR person, a revenue generation platform, all rolled into one. And we take the creation of web presence seriously. We are not a web-design firm or a web-development company. We work alongside our clients, to find the problem they need to solve with a website and create a web presence that addresses the issue holistically.

We achieve this with a concept we call WPSM- Web Presence Strategy and Management. It's a comprehensive process, which focuses on generating measurable returns for the client through the website. The process of creating or revamping a web presence involves the following steps:

Product engineering services in Bangalore
  • 01

  • 02

  • 03

  • 04

    Information Architecture Design
  • 05

    User Interface Design (UID)
  • 06

    Front-end Development
  • 07

    User Experience Study
  • 08

    Device Compatibility Study
  • 09

    Front-end Optimization (FEO)
  • 10

    Back-end Development
  • 11

  • 12

    Server Set-up and R&D
  • 13

The WPSM process ensures that we create a web presence for the brand which makes sense for the client. After all, it is not about our creativity, but your RoI, right?

“If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.”

— Bill Gates, Microsoft.

Reasons Why You Must Think About Creating a Digital Presence:

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Appeal to a Larger Audience:

Making your company profile go online will give you the ability to reach a larger audience. Once online, millions of users can reach your target audience through the website. Although this does not happen overnight, the chances of you going viral is higher if you go online as there are multiple different digital platforms out there compared to any offline medium.

Make You Accessible:

It is equally essential for customers to have the knowledge that they can reach you anytime they want. Having the knowledge regarding the fact that you are reachable through different platforms can make you invincible in the tough market. Online small business profiles solve the issue of unavailability.

Facilitate Trust:

Having a commanding presence online makes your consumer feel more at ease. Many prospects will do a quick online search to check the legitimacy of your company. If they do not find important information, they might assume that you are not up to par. There must be good content, visually and contextually focused on the services to facilitate trust.

Free Advertising:

It is a mistake to assume that having a company profile online will cost you nothing as the value it will add be unimaginable. You now have to promote and advertise your company in a professional and organic manner.

Build brands:

The image of your company brand is vital to its success and building brand awareness digitally can contribute to your success. Making a promise of what you are offering will only deliver a way to build a solid reputation and brand.

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Ability to build your digital persona:

Every business has different social media outlets to connect with different audiences. With the help of effective user research, we can understand what your targeted audience wants and come up with a strategy accordingly to promote them on the appropriate platforms.

Ability to increase the brand”s authority:

There is no parameter to measure the level of trust a customer has in you. No matter the level, we can improve and enhance it maximum. With the delivery of consistent and relevant content, we can prove that we mean business.