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Having a website and not generating value is like having a smartphone and not having mobile internet connectivity.

Everyone has one, right? But you know for a fact that most Indian smartphone users lack basic connectivity at all. Then what is the whole purpose of having one?
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Having a website is not a big deal. Every organisation has a website. Even people have websites these days. My friend has made a website for his dog. But how many are using them to generate value?

The purpose of a website for an organisation, brand, or product is to generate tangible business value.

A website should act as a communication tool, marketing collateral, a lead generation mechanism, and so on. Your website is your first point of contact, your PR person, a revenue generation platform, all rolled into one. And we take the creation of web presence seriously. We are not a web-design firm or a web-development company. We work alongside our clients, to find the problem they need to solve with a website and create a web presence that addresses the issue holistically.
We achieve this with a concept we call WPSM- Web Presence Strategy and Management. It's a comprehensive process, which focuses on generating measurable returns for the client through the website. The process of creating or revamping a web presence involves the following steps:
  • 01

  • 02

  • 03

  • 04

    Information Architecture Design
  • 05

    User Interface Design (UID)
  • 06

    Front-end Development
  • 07

    User Experience Study
  • 08

    Device Compatibility Study
  • 09

    Front-end Optimization (FEO)
  • 10

    Back-end Development
  • 11

  • 12

    Server Set-up and R&D
  • 13

The WPSM process ensures that we create a web presence for the brand which makes sense for the client. After all, it is not about our creativity, but your RoI, right?



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