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That is what Steve Jobs said on the fateful September afternoon, in 2007. Truer words have never been spoken. All we know about today’s mobility ecosystem started that day, and we are talking about all the major mobile-smartphone platforms in the world today, be it iOS, Android or Windows Phone.

The phenomenon that we know as "Application modernization" is a practice that refers to improving the existing software by adhering to newer computing paradigms. This may include the frameworks and infrastructure of the application. Application modernization is equivalent to renovating an older home so that you can take advantage of improvements to reach maximum efficiency, safety and structural integrity.

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Rather than retiring the already existing system, or replacing it, modernize the legacy of the application to extend its lifespan. This will not only allow you to take advantage of the technical innovation that comes along the way but also refresh your technological portfolio. We can help your organization protect your investment and refresh the technical portfolio so that you can take advantage of modern infrastructure, tools and other technological elements. With our robust application strategy that is doused in modernity, you can increase the frequency and reliability of deployments while improving uptime, resilience and many more.

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