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User Behaviour Analysis


“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.”

— Peter Drucker, Management Consultant & Author.

Website User Behaviour Analysis User Behaviour Analysis
Website User Behaviour Analysis services

Who wouldn't want to get inside the head of their targeted audience to understand what they want? Well, it is now possible. While the business analysis focuses on the broader section of the marketing and showcases the "who, what, where, and when", behavioural analytics will share a more reduced and pinpointed prediction of actions.

With behavioural analytics, you can get the data points from the user journey to acquire future trends, which may showcase the completed customer journey. We use behavioural analytics to drive a successful strategy as it can be used to run campaigns that may garner a positive ROI. Moreover, it may allow us to build a bigger, more qualified funnel. Such a methodology reveals the users’ habits and reactions which in return will open an opportunity to upscale their business.

The Benefits of User Behavior Analysis:

Improving the conversion rate:

Getting information regarding users’ behaviours can significantly modify the effectiveness of your financial results. The user behaviour study analytics allows you to understand where the users experience trouble and adjust the conversion process accordingly. If strategised perfectly, this will result in an increased conversion rate and greater profit from the same volume of traffic.

Analysing the users’ needs:

User behaviour analytics provides you with insights into what your targeted customers actually need, want and desire. Having the knowledge of such things is the key requirement for developing a user-centred design, and customer-centric process.

User Behaviour Analysis service in bangalore
website user behaviour analysis in Bangalore

Understand the Performance:

Each action that your targeted audience takes indicates something about your website’s or app’s performance. Observing similar situations where you can improve the performance of your website can fix many dreary situations. Moreover, through the user behaviour analysis, you can notice any change in your KPI and will be able to track down the factor that caused it.

Find the struggles:

When you learn about a bug, the consequence is often serious. Bugs can drive away the targeted audience and the problems can impact the image of your brand. Having real-time user behaviour analytics not only will allow you to spot any error messages or problems your users face but also allow you to react in a timely manner.

When You Hire Us, You Obtain Our:

When You Hire Us, You Obtain Our:

Ability to record the sessions:

We record sessions to share with you the details on the real actions your customers take n the website. We map clicks, taps and scrolling to analyse where we can do better.

Ability to make a heat map:

We create the heat map to get an idea on where your users spend most of their times. We analyse all the clickable assets to understand the areas we can improve.

Ability to do funnel analysis:

Funnel analysis will help you modify and analyse where the biggest barrier in the conversion is. It was not only to track page by page until the users complete their goals, but to also improve the pain point.

Ability to work on the feedback:

We focus on the feedbacks of your customers. We believe that taking a customer-centred approach is something that will provide the us a place where we need to work the most.

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Your customer persona is what makes you assume what content will be the most effective for them. The demographics & psychographics of individuals help you build your brand messaging. If the pattern in your target audience is not visible to you, you can hardly connect with them. User behaviour analysis is an old-school thought that has always been spot on and we can help you engage better, together.

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User behavior is implemented in analytics through the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data that provides insights into how users interact with a website, application, or product. This data can be collected through web analytics tools, A/B testing, surveys, or customer feedback forms.

Some ways to understand user behavior are:

Web analytics

User interviews and surveys

Heat maps and user recordings

A/B testing

User testing

Log files and event tracking

Social media listening.

Understanding user behaviour helps businesses in user engagement, refining marketing strategies, improving their products, retaining customers, and in making data-driven decisions.

As a web development company in Bngalore, we use user behaviour analysis to analyze the needs of users through various tried and tested methods like user testing, user research, customer feedback, and competitor analysis.

The purpose of studying user behavior is to better understand and meet the needs of users, resulting in more successful and effective products, services, and experiences.