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UI UX Consulting

'Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.'

- Steve Jobs

Ui Ux Consulting
Ui Ux Consulting Services

Have you ever been on a website that gives the impression of being cluttered and overwhelming? Or have you ever downloaded an app only to discover the wayfinding to be bewildering? A user-friendly experience (UX) is becoming more and more significant in the digital sphere of today. This is where UI/UX consulting services from Appiness come into the picture. We recognise that the success of any digital product depends on providing seamless user experiences. Are you prepared to achieve an even greater design for your app?

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Generating captivating, user-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing interfaces that link up the requirements of your users is our team's field of expertise as UI/UX design consultants. Whether you're developing a not-used-before app or want to ameliorate a matured one, our UI UX consulting services are engineered to maximise user happiness, accessibility, and usability.

We are apprised of the challenges implicated while developing a website or an application that is both innate to use (UX) and attractive (UI). As a result, we put forward a comprehensive suite of services to help you design and develop an exceptional user experience.

Our collection of Services

Our mission at Appiness is to create outstanding user experiences that promote success and engagement. Our team of experts unites with customers directly to provide a trouble-free and worthwhile design process, from starting ideas to the final execution. We come up with user testing and feedback amalgamation, wireframing as well as prototyping, and iterative design refinement, along with research and analysis on user interfaces and user experiences.

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User Research & Strategy

We take careful consideration to entirely fathom the requirements, pain points, and target audience. Beginning with this, you may build a user-centered strategy that supports your company's objectives.

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User Ride Mapping & Information Architecture

We meticulously organise your features and information to create an intuitive flow that leads users through the intended actions with ease.

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UI Design & Prototyping

Our experienced designers implement your idea through the creation of pixel-perfect, elegantly beautiful, and intuitive interfaces. We test and iterate the design using interactive prototypes to make sure the user experience is optimal.

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Testing and Filtration of Usability

To uncover any prospective obstacles and improve the user experience overall, we carry out rigorous testing of usability with actual users. This cyclical procedure guarantees the intuitiveness and user-friendliness of your application or website.

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Design System & Style Lead Development

We develop a unified design language that is scalable and consistent throughout all of your digital products, offering a consolidated brand experience.

A squad of enthusiastic UI/UX specialists with a passion for creating exceptional user experiences that produce outcomes is yours to work with when you collaborate with Appiness.

Our UI UX consulting services

Mobile UI/UX Consulting

With the assistance of Appiness's Mobile UI/UX Consulting service, you can develop mobile applications that are visually impressive, simple to use and inherent. They accomplish this through:

Recognising your target market

They are capable of developing solutions that appeal to your target audience as they know user trends and demands through user research.

Implementing psychology

They are cognizant of how user behaviour is influenced by human psychology and make use of this comprehension to elicit supportive feelings and increase engagement.

Friction elimination

To provide a seamless and easy user experience, Appiness seeks to identify and eliminate any problems or roadblocks in the user path.

mobile ui ux consulting
mobile ux consulting

Mobile UX Consulting

Enhancing the user experience of your mobile application is the primary aim of Appiness's Mobile UX Consulting service. They provide such services as:

Promoting conversion rates

By locating and resolving any obstacles that keep users from converting within your app, you could boost conversion rates.

Idea validation

Through user testing and suggestions, Appiness may assist you in validating your app concept before you invest substantial resources.

User journey mapping and understanding

By understanding the pain points and motivations of your target users, they map their journeys to gain a thorough understanding of them.

Testing and improvement

Appiness performs thorough usability testing to spot and fix any usability problems and promise a simple user experience.

Enterprise UI/UX Consulting

Large organisations have specific requirements that are met by Appiness's Enterprise UI/UX Consulting solution. They provide a broad spectrum of services, such as:

Product engineering and consulting

Appiness helps you design your product's strategy, plan, and vision. It also supports the development process to ensure a user-centric approach.

Mobile UI Design

Appiness is a specialist in creating easy-to-navigate, captivating mobile app experiences that are customised according to your target market's particular requirements.

Web UI Design

They create visually beautiful and simple-to-use websites that successfully convey your brand's message and encourage user interaction.

UI/UX Design

Expert designers develop visually striking and accessible user interfaces for your business's software, mobile apps, and web applications.

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Benefits of UI/UX consulting services

There are several advantages for your company when you invest in UI/UX consulting services:


Improved User Engagement

Conversion rates and honesty to the brand are improved when users are kept interested by a well-structured interface.


Higher Conversion Rates

By well-organising the user experience, UI/UX consultants help users complete desired tasks, which increases leads and sales.


Enhanced Brand Image

In the competitive digital market, providing users with an enjoyable experience builds trust and strengthens your brand's reputation.


Minimisation of Development Costs

Resolving usability problems early in the development phase saves money and effort in comparison to tackling them later on.


Data-Driven Decision Making

UI/UX consultants collect user information and insights to enable you to decide on your product strategy with expertise.

Why choose us?

Appiness goes beyond creating beautiful interfaces. We provide remarkable user experiences (UX) that yield outcomes. Here's why we're your ideal partner:

User-Centric Approach

We give user needs and behaviour the greatest importance at every level while making sure your product appeals to your intended market.

Data-Driven Insights

To obtain data-supported insights that guide strategic design choices, we make use of user testing and research.

Proven expertise

Our experienced team has an established reputation for creating memorable and simple-to-operate experiences for an extensive spectrum of clients.

Scalable Solutions

No matter how difficult the project is, we provide full-service UI/UX services for both online and mobile platforms.

Choose Appiness and unlatch the competency of user-centric design.

Grow Your Business With Us

The UI/UX consulting services offered by Appiness may assist you realise every advantage of your digital presence. Through user experience optimisation, our team of experts is focused on assisting you expand your company. Our services are designed accordingly to meet your specific requirements, from creating user-friendly interfaces to improving usability and accessibility. By fraternizing with us, you can improve your brand and optimise your online performance with an emphasis on heightening engagement, retention, and conversion. Cooperatively, we can take your company to new stature by letting us be your dependable friend in navigating the always-changing world of digital design.

About Us

We are a Bangalore based Product Development and UX firm specialising in Digital Services for the whole spectrum, from startups to fortune-500s. We do not redefine anything or reinvent the wheel.

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