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UI/UX Consulting Services

What is an integral part of the web application that drives its success? The answer is User Interface or UI, and User experience or UX.

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Enterprise UX Design

UI and UX generally are the pillars of a website that form the foundation of a convenient, frictionless, seamless, and productive human-computer interaction between the user and the website. While the UI consultant assists with the visible aspect of the website, the UX consultant will work towards achieving customer satisfaction.

Although UI/UX consultancy is a new domain in the realm of consultancy, the service, exemplified by Appiness, has made possible the advancement of the design and development methodologies of any services. Appiness, a notable player in UI/UX consulting services, exemplifies how this specialized expertise can assist you in meeting your goals of delivering an excellent customer experience and building a strategically and aesthetically pleasing interface. These services not only bridge the gap between the service provider and the user but also contribute to long-term loyalty retention.

How Does Enterprise UI/UX Consulting Help You?

Product Consulting and Engineering translate to “we will work with you and for you”. Starting from giving technical support for different enterprise solutions in software-embedded systems, to conceptualising products and IT infrastructure, we will deliver you with the chance to tap into your true potential. Following are the benefits of Product Consulting and Engineering.

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Improved Customer Experience:

Customer acquisition simply focuses on getting new potential customers. The procedure generally involves convincing the customer by saying “We deserve your hard-earned money and time”. Therefore, enterprise UI/UX consulting services require a lot of planning and strategizing as they bring your targeted audience to your website. The better the user experience is, the better competitive edge you will get over your competitors.

Helps with Retaining Customers:

Retaining customers also requires a lot of strategies and forethought. The strategies used to keep customers should make the business worthy of providing as well as obtaining value from its existing customer base. Therefore, it is always important that we build an application that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also intuitive. If it is designed and laid out right, the customers will surely return and stay.

Optimised Development:

A well-designed website that can deliver a seamless experience is something that every company wants. An aesthetically pleasing website that has been planned after careful consideration will be optimized. It will not only save time and cost but will keep growing with the audience in the future.

Increased Productivity:

Almost all businesses need a cohesive interface that is cohesive enough to market the products and services and earn a profit. A great team of UI/UX designers can lessen errors and promote a smoother workflow to ensure the delivery of the product that highlights relevant content so that the users get the important information right at a glance.

Improved User Engagement:

UI/UX designers tend to prioritize user engagement and use it to build a solution that is convincing and screams “Yes! Whatever you are looking for is here. You are at the right place”. A well-thought-out design makes it clear what next action should the user take to facilitate the engagement. Therefore, the designers construct the pages with tension to make them approachable.

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When You Hire Us, You Acquire Our

Enterprise UX Design services

Ability to Boost Brand:

Scalability is one of the major aspects that every company wants to sustain. We can help you offer value with your products, or services so that you can boost brand identity and credibility. Moreover, it will not only establish a positive customer relationship but will also inspire loyalty.

Ability to Attract New Customers:

We will attend to your needs of consumers so that attracting more prospective customers who can convert can come true. With an outstanding UI/UX design, your approach will pique the interest of your customers which may result in fruitful conversions.

Ability to Increase Conversion Rates:

A good UI/UX design will encourage your customers to not only return to your site for more but will boost conversion rates for your platform. The UI/UX of the landing pages plays a major role in boosting the conversion rates as it creates the first impression on the customers.

Grow Your Business With Us

We've worked with several Fortune 500 companies to install UI/UX magic in their enterprise software and interfaces through our specialized UI/UX consulting services. After all, human behaviour does not change simply because they are now working. That means even in areas where design and UX were previously overlooked, such as proprietary enterprise software, intranet applications, financial services back-end, or customer service processes, a better UX has resulted in increased productivity and employee satisfaction.

About Us

We are a Bangalore based Product Development and UX firm specialising in Digital Services for the whole spectrum, from startups to fortune-500s. We do not redefine anything or reinvent the wheel.

About Appiness

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A digital strategy is a technical retreat of an enterprise through which technologies like computers, mobile devices, and internet services are used to increase businesses' digital presence. Digital strategy implores marketers to incorporate growing marketing trends to reach customers, increase sales, and effectively showcase their products or brands. The strategy is basically on the market needs, popular technology and ongoing business performance. The strategy to influence the results, we at Appiness Interactive, use digital marketing to increase brand awareness and engagement, digital advertising to target the material so that new customers can be attracted and search engine optimization so that the company can appear on the search result.

The strategy consultant at Appiness Interactive works with individuals across different niches to support, develop and implement business strategies to improve the growth of a business. They build from scratch the innovation roadmap and implement them with digital strategy consulting. Along with that, our strategists introduce new technically induced ideas by blending technologies into the business processes so that effective digital transformation can take place.

Digital transformation initiates gradually in steps. The transformation gets kicked off with the process, then to the business model. After business transformation, domain, and cultural transformation takes place. A connective strategy is placed to deliver.

The process of leveraging emerging technology begins with setting stable workflow automation. The workflow is made effective through real-time data analysis, data visualisation, project management and collaboration. Such a type of incorporation creates efficient yet less costly research and development processes.

The investment strategy that we might have to use to fit into your business will vary depending on multiple factors. Starting from the deliverables to the requirement of the business, the strategy will come down to the analysed data that we yield.