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Did somebody ever tell you that enterprise software shouldn’t have consumer-grade UX? Then why are enterprise software and interfaces drab and boring? It's not about a slick button or a fancy package, but about wowing the users.
Have you considered increasing your productivity? If the UX can save 10 minutes per person per day, and you have 10000 people working on that process? You have to do the math. After all, we creative types are bad in numbers. But the consulting folk in our team says it's around 36,000 man-hours a month, which sounds like big money, right?
You cannot expect your users, be it employees or captive clientele to like your products or platform just because they are forced to use them. Worldwide enterprises are realizing the need to provide a great experience to their employees or captive audience, to improve morale and relationship.
We have worked with multiple Fortune 50 companies to provide them with the UX magic instilled in their enterprise software and interfaces. After all, human behaviour doesn’t change, just because they are now at work means the sections where design and UX were considered unimportant, be it proprietary enterprise software, intranet applications, financial services back-end or customer service processes, a better UX has resulted in better productivity and increased employee satisfaction.



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