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Web App Development


"We don’t just build websites, we build websites that SELLS."

— Dr. Chris Dayagdag, CEO, Marketlink.

Web App Development Company Web App Development Company
Web App Development Services

The web, as a media, is a different animal altogether. It's rewarding, yet unforgiving. It's simple, yet effective. It's wide-reaching, yet measurable. The old-school thought process of branding and promotions does not work there. What works is straightforward solutions. Web, as a medium, does not mix well with heavy jargon and intangible goals, what it calls for is transparency and measurable metrics.

The steps of Web App Development at Appiness:

The steps of web app development at Appiness, a web application development company in Bangalore, are quite simple yet thorough and ensure efficiency.


The first step starts with conceptualizing the product. After going through the client's requirements, we come up with an organized idea that corroborates with the vision of how the application should be.


The next step starts with discovering your options and other significant methodologies we can incorporate into the project to make it meet your requirements. This may include verifying the feasibility of the initial vision by building the software prototype, testing different web technologies, and tools that will rather solve complex issues, defining MVP values, building the infrastructure of the product, laying out the in-depth requirements of the targeted audience, and many more. This phase assists us in reducing web-development-related risks as the test-and-trial method allows us to pick the optimal one.


The third step focuses on wireframing and designing the product to not only maintain the aesthetic aspect of the design but also the experience it will yield for the users. We kick off the process of designing by structuring the wireframes as it will give us the chance to verify whether the ideas resonate with the end users. Additionally, it will showcase whether the app is intuitive or not.


Now comes the development stage. Once the design is done, the prototype gets sent to the developers to code. Our developers use an agile framework to build web applications faster, and more efficiently. However, each of the product increment procedures in web application development undergoes our QA team to assure quality. Quality assurance is not a testing stage that comes at the end of the software development procedure, rather, it is a continuous process that is intrinsically enmeshed with the development efforts.


Naturally, the launch of the product has to go smoothly, and to do that, we plan to deploy your web application after ensuring that it works as expected by running a load of tests to see its reaction to the traffic.

Web App Development Company in Bangalore

When You Hire Us, You Acquire Our

Post-Launch Support:
At our web application development company, the web app development procedure is a continuous process that goes on even after the big launch. We always have a team ready to fix the bugs, introduce new changes based on the feedback of the customers, renew licenses, and add new features based on the product roadmap. The procedure can be implemented in an agile method, nonetheless, you will get your task done.
Prompt services:
We have a prompt managerial procedure that ensures effective communication between the team and you. They establish a management structure to align the company strategy with your objectives.

Grow Your Business With Us

Your uniqueness is what will make you stand apart from the competition, and that is what we aim to achieve through our web development services at our web application development company in Bangalore. Harness the power of modern technology adhering to different parameters to build your progressive 'brain child'.

We ensure that you get what you need, to achieve your objectives, by doing everything possible digitally. Our services span the entire spectrum of digital domains, customizing them to suit the requirements of each client, for the best results. We focus on these salient features of the web, to deliver easily measurable RoI for our clients.

About Us

We are a Bangalore based Product Development and UX firm specialising in Digital Services for the whole spectrum, from startups to fortune-500s. We do not redefine anything or reinvent the wheel.

About Appiness

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The product engineering services provided by our Web App Development Company in Bangalore are responsible for innovating, designing, developing, testing, and deploying services or a specific product. The arrival of Web 3.0 technologies has helped us transform client-enabling engineering services.

To know the cost and time required for developing an application, you must contact Appiness Interactive. The cost of product engineering services depends on multiple factors, including the steps, starting from ideation to deployment, the resources and the number of hours invested in developing the services. Contact us at +919606222779 to get an estimation.

Product engineering translates to a comprehensive framework that ensures an enterprise maximizes the value they yield out of a product throughout its entire lifecycle. The consulting activity is embedded in the product engineering services that include implementing the latest features and functionalities, building superior quality products at a rapid turnaround time, and launching the products in the market.

The steps of product engineering start with coming up with an idea that matches the requirements of the client. The next steps include product architecture and product design, Once the design is decided upon and approved by the client, it will move to the product stage. After the development, the product will be tested, and if there are any changes proposed by the client, they will be carried forth. Once the clients are happy with the end result, the product will be launched or deployed. Each step has to be overviewed and later approved by the client.

The cost of the product engineering services depends on different factors. Each project is different, and they have different deliverables as well. The cost of the service will be decided based on factors such as the number of hours put into the task and the number of resources. To know more about how much our services cost, write to us or contact us.