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June 21, 2021

12 Best Tools To Monitor Your Brand's Online Reputation

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Posted by:
Yogesh Kushwaha

"Brand reputation monitoring tools should be an important part of your online marketing software or tools stack. Nothing ever goes away on the Internet. Every review, image, post, or movie will stay online forever, for every interested Internet user to see. Even one negative comment, if it goes viral, can spoil your business reputation. That's why it's necessary to choose the right brand reputation monitoring tools."

You can't stop people from writing negative comments about your business or company online, but you can certainly reduce the effects of unfavourable content.

The first step to successful brand reputation management is to detect all the mentions about your business on time. Nothing annoys your existing and potential customers such as waiting for a response, or what's worse, not receiving one at all.

Yes, you can monitor relevant online mentions in an old-fashioned way, type a suitable keyword in a search engine and look for results. But this solution is more time-consuming and in the long run, not much effective.

Brand reputation monitoring tools will not only automatically collect all online mentions, but will also give an in-depth summary of the results. In fact, all the menial work is done for you. You can focus on drawing conclusions and modify your business tactics.

So, how do you keep track of what people are commenting about you and your business online?

Here are the 12 best tools to analyse online reputation of your brand:

1. Google Alerts

2. Social Mention

3. SEMrush

4. SentiOne

5. Reputology

6. ReviewPush

7. Chatmeter

8. RankRanger

9. Reputation Health

10. Meltwater

11. HootSuite

12. BuzzSumo

1. Google Alerts

Google has numerous valuable free software for marketers and SEO professionals, and Google Alerts is one of them. Most of the best digital marketing companies in Bangalore use Google Alerts. 

You can simply type your company name the identical method you'd type phrases in your area of interest you need to get alerts for

For example, this is an alert for [My Brand]:



You'll get email notifications of your mentions depending on your preferences: as they happen, at least once a day, and at most once a week.

2. Social Mention

Social Mention monitors more than 90 social media sites including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.



The output also displays the following details to help you measure, monitor, and upgrade your brand's reputation:


• Strength: This refers to the possibility that your brand is discussed on social media.

• Sentiments: This is the ratio of positive mentions over negative mentions.

• Passion: This is the likelihood that people talking regarding your brand will do so repeatedly.

• Reach: Belongs to the number of unique authors who write about or mention your brand.

Here's what it looks like:



3. SEMrush

It allows you to monitor online mentions, like sentiment scores and resource authority.



SEMrush allows restricted use for free, but it's part of the whole SEMrush bundle. Some things this tool permits you to do include:

• Find mentions without backlinks.

• Spot industry influencers.

• Measure your estimated reach.

• Track referral traffic from mentions.

• Identify mentioned sentiment.

• Analyze mentioning resource authority.

4. SentiOne

SentiOne helps you to pay focus on what your customers or others generally are saying about your brand.

You get access not only for real-time data but for historical data too.

You can track mentions of your company, social profiles, or other keywords.



SentiOne scours thousands of internet sources to find mentions of your company.

To avoid information overload, you may simply filter the number of key phrases you're monitoring.

They additionally provide data visualizations and aggregations to help make the information easier to handle.

You can filter outcomes into positive or negative mentions, where the latter can help you act rapidly to avert crisis where necessary.



5. Reputologye

It is a review management and monitoring program that helps multi-location businesses monitor for and manage reviews.



Apart from social media websites, you may "listen" to what customers are responding about your website from industry-specific review websites in the hospitality, dining, healthcare, fitness, and real estate niches.

Reputology helps you quickly deal with adverse reviews by changing them into customer service tickets.

6. ReviewPush

ReviewPush is the online review management tool that helps businesses with multiple locations to monitor popular review sites and social media (e.g., Facebook, Yelp, Google, Yellowpages, Foursquare).



Not only do you get all reviews from any website in a single dashboard, but when you set up email alerts you can reply to any review, positive or negative, directly from your mail inbox.

You can also see the review websites on the web or in your industry where your business is not yet listed.

Then, the ReviewPush tool ranks your stores' review performance online so you can simply see which store should upgrade its product or service delivery.

Multi-level reporting offers you reports from the industry, regional, or store level.

7. Chatmeter

Chatmeter was designed to help industries collect and analyze customer feedback and enhance the customer experience for multi-location brands and agencies.



It notifies you through email of any reviews found on over 20 local search and review websites.

In addition, you'll also receive notifications when there's new content about your brand.

Chatmeter enables you to keep an eye on your local competitors to see how you stack up against them and what you can learn from their activities.

Their widget enables you to share reviews from external websites on your website and store's pages.

And, when you build a new profile on a listings' site, your profiles on other listings sites are automatically updated with any current information or detail.

They also offer you a useful brand visibility score, to evaluate your brand's online presence against its biggest local competitors.

8. RankRanger

RankRanger is the most frequently used SEO tool but has a robust reputation manager, as well.

It allows you to evaluate the search engine results for negative or slanderous content, as well as monitoring SERP changes and how your work on reputation management affects your visibility.



9. Reputation Health

If you have a medical practice, or you provide SEO and other online marketing services to medical practices, you may require Reputation Health.



Reputation Health tool offers reputation management and online review monitoring for physicians and also monitors 23 review sites linked to the medical practice including DrScore, HealthGrades, UcompareHealthcare, and Vitals.

Reputation Health collects online mentions and application reviews and also sends you email alerts.

Quality metrics in medical practices are always necessary, but this sort of reputation monitoring can make sure you stay ahead of any problem.

10. Meltwater

What started as a press clipping service that scanned news sources to get keywords suitable to clients has since evolved into a full-blown media monitoring tool.



In current days, Meltwater goes beyond press monitoring by including social media listening into the mix with real-time analytics.

It still provides the largest global media database, so you may see all mentions in the news media, too.

If you're eager to know who's talking about your competitors or where they're getting features, or how many mentions they're getting daily, weekly, or monthly in comparison to yours, you can see that through Meltwater.

While you can see reports and analytics in your Meltwater tool dashboard, you can also convert these reports into presentations right from the dashboard to share them with internal teams.

11. HootSuite

HootSuite enables you to control security, automate compliance, and mitigate digital risk across all your digital channels with content planning and a workflow with approvals.

You can spot, track, and analyze sentiment trends, even building social intelligence into your scheme.



12. BuzzSumo

Brand monitoring might not be the first thing you link with BuzzSumo, but if you're already using Buzzsumo you should know it has powerful and useful brand monitoring services built-in.



BuzzSumo enables users to keep an eye on coverage, their competitors, and respond to agency news.


You can manually perform searches for your brand's title on search engines (Google or Yahoo) or social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and many more, but you will probably find very few results at best (not to mention the hard work and valuable time you will require to spend on such an undertaking daily, weekly, or monthly).

The above online reputation analysis tools will help you more easily and efficiently monitor your online reputation.

Choose the one that works best for your industry.

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