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April 15, 2021

5 Best Skills SEO Content Writers Need to Succeed

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Posted by:
Yogesh Kushwaha

It takes more than just special writing chops to build search-optimized content. If you want to enter digital marketing as a content marketer or build your blog audience, you're going to have to get more intelligent with your writing skills. You have to be one of the best SEO Content Writers. 

One of the biggest challenges that bloggers, ghostwriters, copywriters, and content marketers face is writing content or blog that is optimized for search engines, and will also appeal to people.

According to Copyblogger, Search Engine Optimization is the most confusing topic online. But, SEO content is not complex, once you know that people come first, before search algorithms. SEO firms make their money by knowing these simple concepts.

If you want to thrive in your online business means that you have to go beyond simply "writing content." Your content needs to achieve two goals: 

• First, appeal to the end-user such as customers, clients, readers, prospects, etc.

• Second, solve a particular problem.



It's been proven that the best web content gets the best results, and everyone is after a piece of the pie. However, all content writers are not the same (a quick tour of a handful of blogs would tell you).

There are lots of core SEO concepts with which content writers or bloggers must be familiar if they intend to do their jobs well by writing content that ranks for their clients.

Here are some important skills that SEO content writers need to succeed in the industry.

#1. Diverse Writing Skills

The first core skill an SEO content writer requires is the ability to master different writing styles. When a writer joins an industry, chances are good that the SEO content writer will be tasked with creating content for all kinds of clients.



E digital marketing employees would agree with this that content writers can spend the morning writing for a candy company and a funeral home, then convert to a blog post about the construction industry later on. The content itself is not the same for each of those clients, but the tone matters. The tone is something that readers can't exactly recognize from words themselves, but rather from the sound of the words when put together.

Funeral home content requires a serious, straightforward, and compassionate tone, while on the other hand candy and copywriting need to be lighthearted and fun.

A strong SEO content writer knows instinctively what kind of tone to use and how to go about using that tone in a way that is engaging to readers.

Speaking of engagement, the next skill is also very important for any SEO content writer who wants to make it big.

#2. Tell a Captivating Story

Everyone knows a good storyteller and probably a marvelously poor one, too.

What divides them? What makes one person's tale interesting and another's sleep-inducing?

There are numerous factors including pacing, humor, timing, and of course subject matter. Whatever the secret formula, an excellent writer requires to use it in their content. One underutilized technique is directly getting personal. Write as you are a real person talking to real people.

Writing for the web can sometimes withdraw the human element from the content, but it's necessary to regularly remind yourself you are writing for human beings.



An attractive story demands to be read. Audience engagement will be much higher if the story pulls them in rather than bores them.

Good writers should practice reading their content aloud. It will give a good sense of how it would translate into a spoken-word story, and help give a better feel for pacing.

#3. Be Social Media Savvy

Marketers can sometimes overly classify themselves.

"Oh he/she is the copywriter, I'm the SEO expert." Or, "I just wrote the blog copy, he/she takes care of the ads and promotion."

But here is the thing that marketing is a holistic venture that works best when all parts are in action simultaneously.

Being a content writer, you need to be aware of what is going on in the social media sphere. Not only to keep current (which you have to) but to know your audience better, and ready for the promotion phase.



On social media, you have access to a marvelous mix of old customers, new customers, and soon-to-be customers. Sharing your posts and seeing how they gain traction among the varying factions will give huge insight into future writing you do.

Social media can act as a great opportunity for the demographic you wish to target, and in turn, be a launchpad for sharing what you write. Don't neglect it, even if it's not your field of interest.

#4. Know the Basics of Good SEO

Yes, modern-day SEO content writers are very common, and it looks like every second content marketing blog post can be made a little easy and understandable for the users.

While keyword-focused SEO has never been less useful, it is still an essential touse for modern content writers.

Understanding how to choose the suitable keywords, applying correct headings and subheadings, tagging images correctly, and writing killer meta descriptions will all serve to give your posts that little additional hike when ranking on search engines like Google.



The problem is people get too focused on the SEO aspects of a piece, and forget it needs to be written well.

Content writers are required to have an excellent fundamental grasp of SEO so they can apply the best practices in their writing, without sacrificing actual quality.

#5. Writing for Topics Over Keywords

The final skill that every professional SEO content writer at any SEO Company in Bangalore or blogger needs to have is the capability to write for topics over keywords.



If writers are just getting into SEO content marketing now, then they should know the history of keywords in SEO.

It used to be that people wrote for keywords because Google placed extra importance on keywords in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Appiness is one of the top SEO Company in Bangalore, delivering exceptional organic results for their clients in India. Our highly experienced SEO experts provide a unique SEO strategy and also help you in finding your target audience. 

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