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August 06, 2021

Be Imaginative, Be Artistic, and let's Engage with social media marketing strategies for 2021

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Pankaj Kumar Singh was a sensational year for social media, seeing more people filling up spaces than ever before, turning to their smartphones to stay connected with their communities. Social media is an essential part of our daily lives, around 40% of our time is invested in checking feeds and exploring social media happenings.


Ample of social media marketing strategies still apply from last year, it's time to be more innovative and crisp. This mammoth increase in social media usage witnessed many brands deciding to up-notch their social media marketing strategy, many of whom are now looking to utilize a variety of new trends in 2021. Some of the new strategies for this year are,

#1. Set Relevant goals for your business


Social media marketing strategy starts with your goals. Perhaps firms want to construct a community or a more staunch following. Maybe your firm wants your social accounts to drive more revenue this year. Either way, your goals will shape your content strategy and how much time and energy you'll require to enhance your campaigns.

The foremost thing is to set realistic goals. Emphasis on "realistic," means building smaller objectives that allow you to direct your social efforts in a way that's both reasonable and affordable. Some of these realistic goals include-

• Increase brand awareness to mark your existence.

• Generate leads and sales for your business.

• Grow your brand's audience by use of trending phrases, keywords, and hashtags.

• Boost community engagement

• Drive traffic to your site through promotional posts, social ads, and URL clicks.

#2. Go Live to increase your social worth


Enter any social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, there will be a live video happening or about to start. Live social media stream has already ascended in popularity in 2021, as influencers, celebrities, and everyday users engage in the excitement of live media.

Businesses are using live video for collaborations, webinars, conversations about business topics, and product launches to name a few. Following that, if you want your social media marketing strategy to work effectively in 2021, embracing live videos is a great place to start.

#3. Invest time in researching about your target audience


Assumptions are bad news for your business as you won't be able to drive glorious results. Now, with the sheer wealth of demographic data and social media analytics tools, you don't have to worry anymore.

Firms need to understand the needs and desires of their target audience to increase the engagement time. It was shown in a survey that around 72% of the businesses are using social media platforms to get the insights they need about their target audience. Some of the examples are

• Facebook and YouTube are both prominent places for social ads due to their high-earning user bases.

• The majority of Instagram and TikTok's users are youngsters or Gen Z, showcasing the strength of dynamic, eye-popping content that oozes with personality.

• Women vastly outnumber men on Pinterest, which is a dazzling stop for social shoppers.

• Social media dashboard, Group report, Analytics dashboard are some of the new trends to retain your previous customers.

#4. Corporate Social advocacy


Social media is a platform to put your voice forward on issues that need to be addressed. The last year has been where social media is vastly used to make the world aware of different issues, with Covid-19 trending at the top of the list.

Your Social media marketing strategy should involve positioning your social media channels to support a social, political, or environmental cause that should portray your authenticity.

Brands will also need to listen to other conversations and analyze the space of improvement for their brand, in their industry, and across the web, to have a deeper insight into what matters in a specific niche. Brand monitoring and reputation management have become essential for survival in this fierce competition.

#5. Establishing KPIs will frame your social presence

Your social media strategies should be data-driven meaning you have to precisely work on social media metrics. Just look at some of the breakdowns below



Reach indicates the number of unique users who saw your post. It is the parameter to judge How far is your content reaching user's feeds.


This is the number of clicks on your content or account or your website. Generating and Tracking clicks per campaign are crucial to understanding what drives curiosity or encourages people to buy.


The formula for engagement is the total number of social interactions divided by the number of impressions. This shacks light on how well your prospects perceive you and their readiness to interact.

#Hashtag performance

Social media platforms are flourished with hashtags, What were your most-used hashtags? Which hashtags were attracting more users towards your brand? Having these answers in your bucket can help shape the focus of your content going forward. As a content developer at a social marketing companies, I believe the inclusion of hashtags may up your game in the social milieu.

#6. Timeliness for better response


Social media marketing wants consistent efforts, posting regularly, posting relevant content, and posting bite-sized content will do the work for you. It is not feasible to expect customers to operate on your clock. Timeliness is a colossal order when you're buckled for resources or are part of a small team. Let's just look at some of the strategies for better utilization of time:

• Post at the best times to engage with a large number of the target audience, for example, postings at weekends drive more engagement compared to weekdays.

• Respond to your customer questions and shout-outs ASAP, it boosts the credibility of your brand and enhances the engagement of customers.

#7. Create crisp and engaging social content

It is no surprise that most of your social media marketing strategies hinge on your content and content is the only organic method to generate more leads and engagement. Till now, you must have a pretty decent idea of what to post based on your realistic goal and brand identity. You probably feel confident in accessing the networks which you need to cover. Some of the essential tips for engaging content are

Stories and time-sensitive posts

Short-form video, the most trending factor of neoteric social media.

Posts that show off your human side

conduct a competitive analysis to support your content stand out from that of the competitors.

Final Words

As 2021 will headway, ample new trends will emerge out thick and fast, so businesses will have to adjust their social media marketing strategy accordingly to keep their content engaging. To have a dynamic social media marketing strategy, you need to consistently research the trends in your specific industry, analyze the behaviors of your target audience, and finally, utilizing all the data you gathered to determine which social media marketing strategy and social media marketing tools are the best fit for your business.

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