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August 16, 2019

SEO-Friendly Content: The First Impression To Grab Audience Attention

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Posted by:
Pallavi R

Passionate writing is a dream job, but not for everyone. Like how I began as a Content writer with a background in Electrical Engineering, I was always curious and surprised by what I learned while writing.

Just when somebody asked me what a Content writer does, anyway? I could tell from my own experience that Content writers are Researchers, Editors, Designers, and SEO experts, and more than anything we content writers are the allies in the quest for digital success.


What is Content?

Content is all about wordplay which in digital marketing plays a crucial role. It is an efficient way of communicating information, knowledge and entertainment through blogs, articles, social media, websites, e-books, videos, product description and in ads to readers and audience minds.

The style of writing brings a unique voice and perspective that defines the texts, graphics, audio, video or any informative element in the website.

The purpose of content in digital marketing is the use of words in written formats to educate/entertain the target readers or audiences or customers and motivate them to follow a call to action.

In other words, Content is the King that speaks to the audience across the globe with a combination of words that are appealing, engaging and well-informed.

As an SEO Content writer, I would like to share how SEO friendly content works best for your website.

There are millions of websites nowadays that cater for visitors/ audiences to access digital data round the clock. But, having a good website with visual elements alone cannot bring in more customers, improve site traffic and conversion. A system is required to filter and provide the most appropriate link that will educate the audience about the purpose of your business and its benefits.

Seo-Friendly Content

This is accomplished by the inclusion of strategic SEO-friendly content along with SEO techniques both together make search engine to list the websites by ascending order of rank and drive organic traffic to the website.

What is SEO-friendly content?

SEO-friendly content is writing a piece of information that contains specific, targeted words or phrases called keywords or key phrases that users type in the search and using them in strategic ways to optimize your site.

It is widely known fact that a site's popularity or revenue depends on the number of clicks it receives. So, for this to happen, websites need to remain higher up in the ranks. This is possible by implementing SEO friendly content to your site.

Seo Company in Bangalore

Top 5 ways of writing SEO-friendly content:

If you are running a business, then creating a well-defined, high-quality content is one of the most important SEO parameters. Follow these five ways to write SEO-friendly content.

1. Use of keywords: The use of keywords for SEO is doing keyword research to discover the right keywords to include on a web page in the first place. The keyword research is not just for creating fresh content, it is an important part of improving SEO for existing content. Adding the focused keywords will help you dominate the search results and satisfy your potential audience.

2. Research into the content: A quality content that is displayed on websites is essential for any business to grab the attention of the reader and be indexed in search engines. The content included on the website should include the targeted keywords or phrases that will define the query that may have been searched by anyone. Other ways to optimize content and boost website traffic include updating content regularly, use the optimal content length and also share the content through social share buttons on the website.

3. Style of writing: The style of writing will define your unique voice with relevant and precise information appropriate to the reader's level that creates a better rapport with customers and uplifts brand reputation.

4. Give hyperlinks for certain information: Search engines will prioritize sites with a good number of inbound links, high-quality content and rank them in the top of SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

5. Review of the article once written: It is essential to read, review and check the grammar for any errors in the content after editing is finished. If there are any typos or any inconvenience in the content, it will result in low traffic to your site.

Seo Company

SEO content is an affordable form of advertising and a cost-effective way to promote your business in the digital era. Since search engines will always search for fresh content that appears on a website with historic authority, the content gets indexed quickly and rank higher in SERPs when compared to old content.

keep it easy-peasy and not boring! Create a content that's simple, distinctive, visual, concise and optimized, and you will be on your way to encourage potential customers to stay longer on your site.

Rely on Appiness Interactive, an SEO Company in Bangalore that employs the right SEO Content writers to write SEO-Friendly Content in a jiffy.

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