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January 25, 2013

Responsive Web Design - the next BIG THING?

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Posted by:
Visakh Viswambharan

Let me just give you a gist on what is ‘Responsive Web Design’. Yes, the name says it all ‘Responsive Web Design’, this is nothing but a web page design responding according to the size of the device’s screen size.
With the use of responsive web design, your web-page will flexibly adjust to different screen sizes, resolution and platforms.

Why is 2013 the year of ‘Responsive Web Design’?

2012 has brought a paradigm shift in the buying behaviour of the users, PC & Laptop sales has gone down for the first time since 2001. It is projected to go down further in the coming years. More and more people are opting for Tablets and Smartphones. Today our Rickshawalas also have a smartphone, thanks to Micromax :)

In the current scenario, browsing is not just limited to a PC. People access content using Tablets(Landscape and Portrait mode), Notes, Smartphones, Netbooks, Smart TV etc. According to the reports, Apple's plans to debut a TV set are just around the corner. So the trend is fluctuating between small screen browsing and large screen browsing.

Earlier it was just the browser compatability, which our designers & developers had to deal with. Now its device compatibility too. This leads me to ask the following questions.
Should we build website for millions of screen sizes and platforms?
Build applications for each client?
If yes, then for how many platforms? IOS, Android, Symbian, Blackberry, Windows, Bada, Palm, the list goes on.
The answer is ‘Responsive Web Design’.

I am sure ll the designers in the world will thank Ethan Marcotte (author of responsive web). Responsive design is helpful not just to fix the design errors, it will for sure increase the time spend by mobile readers. Be it a news website or a corporate communication website.

There is a feeling around the globe for designers that only simple, unattractive websites can be made responsive. This is because of the fact that due to lack of images, the designer can have a much more freedom to play around. When we got a recent client, the challenge we had was exactly that- Client wanted a responsive website and he wanted a very attractive, striking website. Our web design company in Bangalore could deliver just the same. Find the screenshots below:

Credits: Info from DotComInfoWay via For Bloggers By Bloggers

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