Digital Presence Management

How many times have you visited a website you frequent, and found a really really awesome effect of peeling the page to reveal an advertisement?

How many times you have felt that a specific product you checked out last week is haunting you with its ads on every website you visit? How many times have you opened your facebook account and saw some interesting post for a product you are interested in? How many times have you wondered as to how YOU GET THESE ADS? It's almost as if they read your mind, right?
Digital marketing services

Well, that's almost what we do.

We read the minds of our client's clients. We strategise, plan and execute digital marketing campaigns for our clients, pinpointing the target users. After all, micro-targeting is the biggest strength of the web. You can reach out to your exact target clientele without shooting all over the place. We strive to target your users based on geographies, demographics, interests and browsing patterns, which we achieve with the help of complex algorithms that constantly monitor and track the web and deliver customised ads to the people for whom it matters the most.
The web has multiple modes to reach out to the TG with utmost precision and delivery-based costing; we cover the whole gamut of those options and try to provide superior RoI for the ad budget spent. We work on both push and pull marketing strategies. We believe that an optimum mix of both can provide our clients with better results.
Activities and campaigns run on the web are measurable to the exact last denominator. You would know how many people actually viewed your marketing campaign, how many of them clicked the ad, and how many of them actually took an action which was the logical objective of the campaign. These activities/campaigns can be anything from the website to online campaigns to SEO to social media promotions. And even better, we can exactly track user behavior and problem areas in the campaign and tweak them for better results.
Our process of Online Brand Presence Management includes a bevy of activities, including,
  • 01

    Market Insights and Planning
  • 02

    Digital Marketing
    • Digital Branding Campaigns
    • Media Planning & Buying
    • Search Marketing
    • Email Marketing
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Conversion Rate Optimization
    • Inbound Marketing
  • 03

    Digital Campaign Analytics
  • 04

    Search Engine Optimization
  • 05

    Online Reputation Management