Web Analytics and Reporting

Anything that cannot be measured cannot be improved. This holds true for any branding or marketing campaign.

The problems associated with traditional marketing campaigns are exactly that. You cannot measure the impact or the result of your campaigns with tangible results. You might get the total number of people who could be possibly reached with the campaign, but there is no way to measure the number of people who have actually reached or even worse, the exact number of people who might be interested in your product or brand.
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Our process of Online Brand Presence Management includes a bevy of activities, including
  • Pro-actively make changes on your website for better conversions
  • Analyse what works and what doesn’t
  • Rich insights into the visitors of your website
  • See how users actually behave on your web properties
  • Reduce customer defection to competitors
  • Track performance over time and analyse cause-effect relationships
  • Increase revenue/RoI
  • Convert prospects to customers with active involvement

We can design and deliver systemized processes for managing the data we generate for better follow-up conversion.

We deliver deep-dive analytics, to provide insights that benefit business objectives. We acquire data from multiple web analytics tools and create coherent information out of it, which helps us in shaping our current and future web presence and online marketing activities. Over the web, any activity you undertake is goal-oriented and it is important to measure the goals with pre-defined metrics. This is made possible with multi-tool analytic tactics including
  • 01

    Web Metric Analysis
  • 02

    Experiment Analysis
  • 03

    Behavioural Analysis