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January 11, 2019

10 advanced SEO techniques in 2019 you need to know

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Posted by:
Keerthi S

Top 10 SEO Techniques you Need to Know in 2019

The objective of developing the website is to rank top on the Google page in digital marketing. There are a million ways to top the charts with endless SEO techniques. Well, if you developing the website with a basic SEO knowledge then you have greater possibilities to rank top on the search engine results.

SEO plays a crucial role in enhancing your page traffic and creates brand awareness. We are so much addicted to the fingertips information, humans search around 3.5 million every day. This is possible because of Search engine optimization techniques.

According to the HubSpot report, around 80% website traffic starts with a search query. The initial search query initiates with the SEO, which helps to maintain your ranking position. It's important to stick your ranking because there are constant updates on the Google Search algorithms. A piece of basic knowledge of publishing engaging web content and SEO will become expertise.

Here's an article talking about top 10 SEO techniques that help to attain higher visibility online. Use these SEO tools to rank your page top to achieve desired traffic by improvising the search results.

1. SEO audit on website and content

If your website is not attaining the desired target of traffic then SEO audit is advisable. A majority of SEO companies provide this service for a better conversion rate. In general terms, the audit refers to a systematic examination to determine the company's market position. This helps in enhanced decision-making, but the SEO audit includes major growth hacking techniques to retain the customers.

SEO audit involves complete survey of the site performance to set new goals in future. Based on the audit result and tactics implemented, it's easier to reach the target by increasing profits.

This is an on-page SEO technique where a majority of websites tend to miss the basics, such as page title or product description. It's easy to look at these factors while creating a website and fixed with audit help. Give equal importance to the keyword insertion to avoid the search engine issues.

2. Target audience preferences

Google isn't an advertising company, it has evolved to become a big data company. The company has designed some tools, platforms, and devices to extract more data from users. In return, developers use the data to build a remarkable search engine. This should be the target when you create a website.

Learn what your audiences want to see on your website or updates on services or products (for existing websites) to attract more customers. Listen to your customer's feedback if you want to outreach the desired number.

A quick guide to promote your site:

i.Presence on social media networks, like Facebook, Quora, Twitter to understand the target audience better.

ii.Check out the popular pages using Google Analytics

iii.Find out the genre that hits maximum shares or reactions

iv.Listen to your audience voice on website and blog posts

3. SEO optimized page on a website

Well-designed landing page and SEO optimization results in better sales and lead generation. An important point of using a landing page increases incoming search traffic and improved user attraction. A majority of clicks are redirected to your homepage, not on a landing page. However, a landing page creates a bridge to drive the traffic in terms of email marketing and press releases.

4. User-friendlier website

Around 60% of search queries come from mobile devices and e-commerce numbers are really huge when it comes to smartphone usability. As per the research, 45% of e-commerce sales will be dependent on smartphones by 2020, which includes transactions. Recently, Google released an update on the search algorithm that improvises your organic search result rankings, significantly. Make sure you develop a mobile-friendly website to increase the visibility.

5. Infographics enhance your site traffic

When a complex topic is explained in the simplest way with visuals then it's likely to catch attention. Make sure you focus on both info and graphics, whereas the design and quality facts play the vital role. An infographic is likely to appear as the latest research piece, which implies to get more traffic.


6. Content optimization for Google's Rankbrain

Search engines evolving rate is greater ever since Google's first launch in 1998. Keep yourself updated with the Google algorithm changes to thrive in the search rankings. An important ranking factor of Google is Rankbrain algorithm, which helps to analyze the search results. Later, a map is created related to maximum keywords searched.

7. Roundup post

A roundup post is created when a group of people are interviewed on one topic. In short, finding the best out of best to see what works to increase the traffic and SEO rankings. This sounds simple but effective method to add new audiences to your circle.

8. Valuable content on Social media platform

When you post a new blog, it's not easy to top the chart in one go. Make use of your social media platforms, such as Facebook, twitter,and other platforms to gain more credibility.

9. Build your links

Make use of broken links on Wikipedia to create high authority backlinks for your content.You can claim dead links as yours with the help of Scan Wikipedia.

There are two Wikipedia links:

Citation needed : If you're editing any Wikipedia article without providing any relevant fact or statistic to the source.

Dead link: The source refers to previous link, but the page or website doesn't exist.

If you can provide a write-up with credible source then it's possible to get the Wikipedia links.

10. Observe your competitor's keyword usage

Keep an eye on your competitor's movement to extract the keywords. This helps to be in the race and helps to use the keywords in better way to optimize your page.


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